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County has made it easier to recycle

Re: County makes it hard to recycle, Feb. 27 letter.

Why are you blaming the county on the poor pickup service you have? A different company handles my trash pickup and it is usually right on schedule, even when the schedule includes holidays.

Further, as a 78-year-old widow, I feel that the county has made my recycling job easier. The flexible blue bag is a lot easier to store items for pending pickup than one or two large bins. Plus, unless the bins were on wheels, how would I get them to the curb? How unsightly would they be if I am out for the day of pickup and the empty bins must sit at the curb (or on my grass) until I get home?

Yes, it would be nice if they picked up and recycled newspapers, magazines, cardboard and, especially, phone books. But a bin located behind the St. Petersburg Times office on U.S. 19 in Port Richey, plus our own recycling bin here in the our mobile home park allow me to at least recycle my newspapers and it's no big deal to take them there every couple of weeks. Get real!

Terry Duncan, Hudson

Recycling too much of a chore

Re: County makes it hard to recycle, Feb. 27 letter.

I had to laugh when I read the letter concerning the difficulties of recycling in Pasco County.

Since she is new to the area, she may not know that not everyone in the county is privileged to participate in the recycling program, like those of us in the Holiday Lakes neighborhood in Odessa. We would love to have our recyclables picked up at our curbsides.

Instead, we have to drive either 35 minutes to the facility in Land O'Lakes or 45 minutes to the bins behind the St. Petersburg Times building in Port Richey to do our bit for the planet.

I'd like to see the county set up neighborhood recycling centers with large bins for papers, glass, metal and plastics.

There used to be one on Trouble Creek Road, but now it accepts only paper.

Maybe the county can take advantage of some of the empty space in local shopping centers, like the old Publix on State Road 54 and Rowan Road or the former Kmart shopping center at SR 54 and Little Road and set up some recycling bins there.

Like the letter writer said, Pasco County shouldn't make it so difficult to recycle.

Rita Manguso, Odessa

"Odd Couple' review was way off

Re: One-half of "Odd Couple' just too odd, Feb. 25.

I have been receiving your paper since 1992. I enjoy most of your articles and read the letters to the editor. I have never written one myself.

However, after reading Barbara Fredricksen's comments about The Odd Couple, I couldn't contain myself any longer. Yes, she is your critic. Why, is beyond me! If she enjoys anything, which is rare, she still puts a damper on it.

My Red Hat group went to see The Odd Couple Friday evening. As I've seen the play on Broadway and the movie many times, I was very familiar with the story.

We were aware that the role of Felix was played by the director due to the illness of the main actor. I didn't expect him to be very good because he was filling in.

To my surprise, I was delighted. No one messed up their lines to the audience's knowledge, and the play went on. I laughed out loud in all the right places. I even commented that I hadn't been out and had so many laughs in a long time. I was sorry when the show was over.

The cast was not Jack Klugman and Tony Randall, but we were on Grand Boulevard in New Port Richey and the cast was wonderful. The lines were hilarious, of course, and the actors played them for all they were worth.

Perhaps Ms. Fredricksen should go to another town and report on some other theater and put them out of business with her critique. For sure, she could do the same here if people were dumb enough to listen to her.

Paulette Kotter, New Port Richey