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Clearwater hottie representing Florida

From Cosmopolitan, the magazine that gave us "10 Shocking Truths About Guys & Sex," comes another salacious list of equal import: the 50 Hottest Bachelors from all 50 states. Florida's representative is Jim Booth, a 27-year-old tattooed beefcake from Clearwater who is a rocket systems engineer. Asked to name a woman's sexiest body part, he told the magazine, "Her eyes. They reveal so much." Beyond that, the magazine revealed little Monday about Booth. Until Thursday, readers can go to and vote for six semifinalists. Editors will choose the bachelor of the year. Cosmo hits newsstands Oct. 17.

Foley lost his job, but not his pension

Mark Foley left Congress in disgrace but with his federal pension intact. Foley, who quit over explicit computer messages he exchanged with former congressional pages, will get $32,000 a year after age 62. If he takes his pension at 56, he gets $22,400 a year. The calculations come from the National Taxpayers Union, which tracks congressional pension issues.

You want to eat? Then sign here

The story of the diner who ate some of his seafood dish but refused to pay for it because he thought it should have more seafood inspired some fun over the weekend at Peggy O'Neill's Irish Pub & Eatery in Palm Harbor. The owners call it a dining waiver. "By signing this waiver you are acknowledging that your meal is acceptable and upon completion of your dining experience you will pay the appropriate bill," it reads. "Waive goodbye to simple enjoyable dining." Says co-owner Eric Webber: "I just thought it would be funny." Apparently his customers did, too, Webber said. Some joked they would sign the waiver, eat and still not pay. "The customers are getting a good laugh out of it," Webber said.

Get a dose of help with drug benefit

Seven-million lower-income Americans are entitled to subsidized drug coverage next year under Medicare's Part D. It's a great deal if you qualify. Premiums can be waived and copayments can be $3 or less. Two Tampa Bay agencies have received federal grants to enroll people for 2007. To qualify you must be on Medicare, your annual income must be below $14,700 for an individual or $19,800 for a couple, and your assets (not counting home or car) must be below $11,500 for an individual or $23,000 for a couple. Call (727) 217-1811 in Pinellas and Pasco counties.


Some people have proposed that the Pinellas school system assign students to schools based on their family income or academic skill. School Board attorney Jim Robinson says such a policy would be legal, providing it did not act as a substitute for race when assigning students to schools. A story Sunday was unclear on this point.