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More advice on dealing with lecherous 'uncle'

May I offer a method that's fast, effective and creates very little attention: When Uncle Harry approaches with open arms, the woman should hold her upper arms close to her chest and slide her forearms up and in front of her breasts. Clenching her fists will provide strength to her upper arms. This position will protect her breasts from contact with Uncle Harry and increase the circumference for her upper body, making a bear hug more difficult.

While holding this posture, she should make direct eye contact and firmly say, "No!" Nothing more. He may object, cajole or question, but regardless of what he says, or how many times he persists, her only response should be to repeat, "I said, 'No!'" or, "I do not want you to hug me."

In the unlikely event that he gets loud in an attempt to embarrass her, he's the one who will look like the fool.

- An Old Man Who Knows What Works

- - -

My doctoral minor was in human sexual behavior, and Uncle Harry's groping is neither normal nor acceptable. His family needs to see he receives adequate professional help, and soon.

If this doesn't help, there are two sure-fire remedies: First, the offended ladies should complain to their local police about his unwanted sexual molestations (they're criminal acts).

The other remedy is for each offended lady to give him a swift with-all-their-might knee to the crotch. His family may need to see that he gets medical treatment - and professional help - but it's better than what some irate husband may do to him.

- PH.D. In Albuquerque , N.M.

- - -

I know a lady who had the same problem, and after three warnings, she became fed up. She was a black belt in karate. Needless to say, it worked like a charm. After another woman did the same thing to the man, he started being an even better "Christian." If the men won't put a stop to it, then the ladies must act. Behavior like this doesn't stop on its own.

- On the Ladies' Side In N.Y.

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