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Published Oct. 23, 2008

The bold new crossover that was on schedule to redefine the ailing Ford Motor Co. and kick off the company's product-led "Way Forward" turnaround plan is now two weeks behind schedule. The highly anticipated Ford Edge and its luxury sister, Lincoln MKX, have been delayed because of manufacturing problems. Ford told dealers that the vehicles now will arrive in mid December instead of late November. Ford's president of the Americas, Mark Fields, has been promoting the Edge as the most important new vehicle Ford will launch this year. Marketing for the vehicle already has been in high gear - promoting the funky design, five-passenger seating, powerful engine and cool features, like the panoramic roof.

Movies urged to put out cigarettes

The nation's largest cigarettemaker is asking Hollywood not to put its products on the big screen, citing studies that have shown cinematic portrayals of tobacco use can entice children to smoke. Richmond-based Philip Morris USA said that it will run advertisements in Daily Variety, the Hollywood Reporter and other trade publications imploring moviemakers: "Please Don't Give Our Cigarette Brands a Part in Your Movie." But Matt Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, said the industry has been unmoved by previous appeals to shield children from smoking scenes.

Cards give kids purchasing power

A New York-based company on Wednesday launched a prepaid card that teenagers can use for both in-store and online purchases. The UPside card, which will carry a Visa logo and is aimed at those ages 13 to 22, was developed by Plastyc Inc., a privately held firm. Prepaid cards, like debit cards, allow purchases only up to a set limit or up to the cash on deposit that's backing the card. Carles Guillot, the chief marketing officer, said the new cards could be especially useful for a generation that is very Internet literate. Teenagers spend a lot of time online, including shopping, and parents might prefer having the kids use a prepaid card for their purchases rather than borrowing the parents card, he said.

Bagmakers lend hand in air travel

With the holiday travel season nearing, plastic bag manufacturers are coupling with airport authorities to give travelers the plastic bags they need to carry shampoos and other liquid items on airplanes. Bagmaker Hefty announced it is offering more than 1 million quart-sized zip-top bags to airports around the United States to help with holiday travel. Glad Bags is also offering thousands of free bags to travelers. In late September, the TSA declared that passengers can carry lotions and gels onto airliners only if they're in clear, 1-quart zip-top plastic bags and if they are 3 ounces or less in size.

New on the market | Cobra StunLight

This three-in-one personal-protection device is equipped with high-intensity LED lights, red laser emitter and pepper spray. It is available through for $249.