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Published Nov. 28, 2006

Nice job by ESPN's Erin Andrews interviewing then-about-to-be-fired Larry Coker after Thursday's Miami-Boston College game. Her questions were tough but fair, and she didn't give up trying to get the answers everyone wanted to know. Andrews has come a long way since her days as a Lightning sideline reporter.


It drives me crazy ... that Michelle Wie (left) plans to play a lot of men's tournaments next year when she can't even win on the women's tour. When are these tournament promoters going to realize she is no superstar and the novelty is gone?

Gary Laska, Largo

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Fake headline of the day

Alex Rodriguez Names Self Player Of The Month For November.

- The Onion

Who's next?

Now that Larry Coker is out as football coach at Miami, who are the candidates to replace him? Here are a few possibilities:

Barry Alvarez: The former coach and current athletic director at Wisconsin is tight with Miami president Donna Shalala. But he will be 60 on Dec. 30.

Greg Schiano: The hottest name right now because of the season he's having at Rutgers. He's a former Miami assistant and knows how to recruit in Florida. Also been mentioned as a future replacement for Joe Paterno at Penn State.

Steve Kragthorpe: In his fourth season at Tulsa, where he has made the Golden Hurricane (by the way, isn't that the strangest nickname in sports?) respectable.

Randy Shannon: The Miami defensive coordinator would make for a smooth transition. Then again, the last assistant to be promoted (uh, that would be Coker) didn't work out so well.

Rich Rodriguez: You wonder if he is tired of having great programs at West Virginia but not getting much respect because he's in the Big East.

Mike Leach: He has shown at Texas Tech that he can recruit and he brings the offensive mind Miami is looking for.

Gary Patterson: The Texas Christian coach has been mentioned, but he has gone 51-20 at TCU. Heck, Coker was fired for going 59-15.

Steve Spurrier: Yeah, we know he said he's staying at South Carolina. But if Miami calls, we have a feeling his itchy fingers will at least answer the phone.

Jon Gruden: Just throwing it out there. Problem is, Miami is looking for an offensive guy.

Jimmy Johnson: Maybe he has grown tired of sitting next to Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long.

Mike Ditka: Brings attitude, but with discipline. If he could turn UM around, he could be considered a great coach instead of a man who coached a great team ('85 Bears).

Your turn

An article in Thursday's Times suggested the Bucs did not have the pedigree to stay up with Cowboys receivers Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn. What an understatement! The Bucs should thank Bill Parcells for being merciful enough not to run up the score. The Cowboys could have easily scored three more touchdowns.

Henry J. Weese, Palm Harbor