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FLORIDA 21, FSU 14 // Bowden: New coordinator is Step 1

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said the first step in what he hopes is a turnaround for the program will be the hiring of a new offensive coordinator to replace his son, Jeff.

"That's where it'll start," he said. "I'm going to go out and get the best offensive coordinator I can ... there's plenty of them out there. You can't believe the people that have called me, but that's true everywhere. I'm talking about former head coaches."

Ideally, he'd like to have a commitment from a coach soon, something he could keep quiet, recognizing that his top candidates might be busy in bowl games.

"I expect somebody to come in with a philosophy that I can live with," he said.

But will Bowden be looking for just one new coach or might there be more of a staff shakeup? Quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey and offensive line coach Mark McHale are rumored to be in jeopardy and running backs coach Billy Sexton could retire after 30 seasons.

"I'm not going to tell you," he said. "I can't answer that."

COACHING DECISION: Al-though Jeff Bowden's contract termination says that today is his last day as an FSU assistant, Bowden has said he would like his son to stay on as offensive coordinator/receivers coach through a bowl.

"I don't have to change anything as far as organization is concerned," he said. "He said he will."

Athletic director Dave Hart said Jeff made it clear he wanted to cut the cord after the Florida game in their discussions two weeks ago, but added he and Bobby Bowden will "look at it Monday morning."

INJURY WOES: Florida's most high-profile injury was to receiver Percy Harvin, who was carted of the field but is expected to play in the SEC Championship Game Saturday.

Senior running back DeShawn Wynn separated his left shoulder and had ice on after the game. He has nursed a shoulder injury most of the season.

Junior cornerback Reggie Nelson headed for the bus with ice on his lower back; he was injured as he fell after grabbing an interception in the third quarter.

Both are expected to play Saturday.

END OF AN ERA: Bill Durham first came up with the idea for Osceola and Renegade as a student at FSU in 1962 and, with the blessing of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the encouragement of Bobby Bowden, created FSU's pregame signature event in 1978.

Durham has been on the field as Osceola rode Renegade to midfield and planted a flaming spear ever since. Saturday marked the end of his active role.

EMPTY SEATS: A total of 83,507 tickets were sold for Saturday's game, but the stadium was not filled.

Times staff writer Antonya English contributed to this report.