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AVG is adequate, but Norton is better

I recently lost my hard drive and had it replaced at local repair shop. It now has AVG Free Edition antivirus installed. I was not familiar with this program and, as I have always used Norton AV, I tried to install Norton, but a Symantec window said I would have to uninstall AVG first. AVG seems to be working fine. Should I uninstall and go back to Norton?

This is a subject that has evoked a lot of passionate response in this column from many readers. The free version of AVG is pretty good, and I use it on some of my PCs. But for the PCs that matter the most, I use (and pay for) Norton. The free version of AVG doesn't have auto-updates on a par with NAV. I would definitely recommend removing AVG and reloading Norton.

Re: Add/Remove problem traced to service packs: In your answer, you say to open the Control Panel and click Appearance and Themes. I opened Control Panel, but I don't have a icon labeled Appearance and Themes. I have Windows XP SP2 Home Edition.

Control Panel can be viewed two ways, and it sometimes causes confusion when giving directions. It sounds as if your view is set to Classic view, which is very much like Control Panel has appeared over several older versions of Windows. The default view for Windows XP is called Category View. When you open Control Panel, look in the top of the left column bar for the link that will toggle between these two views. In Classic View, Appearance and Themes is referred to as "Display."

Are you familiar with Windows Live One Care, which includes antivirus, antispyware, firewall, performance tuneups and data backup and restore? This is all on one CD and there is unlimited 24/7 support.

Microsoft Windows One Care is Microsoft's product for antivirus, firewall and antispyware. It does routine system maintenance and tuneups. I have it installed on one of my PCs, and it has performed very well. What I like about this product is that it removes another layer of complexity from the myriad layered products that are necessary to install for a safe and protected PC, and that is a very good thing for the average home PC user. It also comes with a free 90-day trial.

When I go on the Internet, I have this three-day trial pop up that I think has something to do with porn. I get rid of it when I push alt-ctrl-delete, but it comes back again every so often. I tried to remove it with change and remove, but had no luck. Can you help me remove this program?

Make sure your antivirus program is active and up-to-date with the latest subscriptions. Next, make sure you have the latest security updates from Microsoft (go to Now download and install Microsoft Defender and run a full scan ( If you keep these components up-to-date and you use reasonable choices when on the Internet, you should solve your problems.

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