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Get ready, senior athletes, games will be here next year

The Senior Games are coming to Citrus County.

Although the games are not until September 2007, preparations are already under way.

A local organizing committee announced Monday that it's bringing the games here.

That means athletes 50 and older will no longer have to travel to other counties to compete against other seniors in sports like archery, shuffleboard and bowling.

For years, a growing number of Citrus seniors have been flocking to at least 21 other counties around the state to be a part of the games.

Pat Coles, who works with the county's community support services, said she heard about the games from a man whose wife makes the trips every year to compete in cycling.

"I like to be able to see them stay home in their county," Coles said. "And I'd like to see other seniors come and see what we have to offer here."

Coles said event organizers are looking for more sponsors.

They've gotten the county and Inverness park and recreation folks to sign on. The owners of the Citrus County Speedway are also on board. It will be the site for the cycling competition.

There are four days of events, likely throughout the county.

To be eligible, athletes must be at least 50 years old. There is a registration fee. The winners have a chance to compete at the state senior games.

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