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Wal-Mart expands generic drug plan

Wal-Mart will make its $4 generic prescription plan available in 11 more states today, expanding the program to all of its 3,810 pharmacies nationwide.

Wal-Mart started the discount program in Florida in September and had expected to expand it in January, but instead followed a faster timetable and expanded it to each pharmacy it operates in the United States.

Effective today, joining the program will be 811 pharmacies in Colorado, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

The program is not available in North Dakota because Wal-Mart does not operate any pharmacies there. The retailer leases space to pharmacies in North Dakota.

Wal-Mart also has expanded the plan to include 331 generic prescriptions available for up to a 30-day supply.

Retailing rivals such as Target and BJ's Wholesale Club have launched similar programs.