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World in a snap

Washington, D.C.

No tension here

Acting Surgeon General Kenneth Moritsugu shares a laugh after getting his flu shot from Jane Johnson during the start of National Influenza Vaccination Week at the Department of Health and Human Services on Monday.

Doha, Qatar

Don't look now

A prized hunting falcon is hooded as it sits for sale on Monday. The birds sell for as much as $5,500 in the nation of hunting-as-sport enthusiasts.

Hamburg, Germany

Be kind to your web-footed friends

Olaf Niess ships his swans across the river Alster on Monday. They could swim, you say? Well this old habit is pretty seriously ingrained. Since 1674, the river swans are caught every late autumn, placed in boats and brought to their winter quarters in a nearby pond that stays ice-free during northern Germany's frigid winters.

washington, d.c.

It was nothing, really

Hazmat-clad firefighters leave the Lincoln Memorial Monday after a threat was deemed harmless. Authorities closed the memorial for about three hours after finding suspicious containers and a note, reading, "Do you know what anthrax is?" and, "Do you know what a bomb is?" U.S. Park Police found a travelers' coffee mug near the note on the steps and a Gatorade bottle in a women's restroom, a battalion chief with the District of Columbia Fire Department said. None of the objects was found to be hazardous.