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'It stinks!'

Here are excerpts from the radio show The Drive on FOX as host Chris Myers informed former Alabama and NFL star Joe Namath about the firing of Mike Shula as Crimson Tide coach on Monday.

Namath: I don't think it's the right move, Chris. You're the first one that has told me that, and I am suddenly ill about it. I talked to some people recently and I was adamant, and am and was that we should not change Shula's position. I don't believe he got a fair shake. I don't believe he should have been let go at this stage because as the youngest team in the league, he's only been there three years. He's building this team. He won ten games last year, Chris. Ten games!

Myers: But he didn't beat Auburn.

Namath: That's right. Didn't beat Auburn. Okay. So you take away from the kids of that team. You take away from the kids a leader that is interested in developing the boys for life as well as a football team and you get rid of him because they didn't beat Auburn? What other reasons do they have? ... I'm very disappointed. You're the first one who told me this and I should not be saying what I'm saying, but I feel it. It stinks!

Check it out

Go to and search for Brady, as in New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. You'll find a parody of the Kenny Rogers love song Lady along with a scroll of, shall we say, dreamy photos of the Patriots star. Its creator (BradyFan83) is remaining anonymous, but he told the Boston Herald that his song is a joke and, no, he doesn't have a crush on Brady.

BradyFan83 also has produced a video tribute to Raiders wide receiver Randy Moss called Randy - a parody of the Barry Manilow song, Mandy.

TV stuff

The debut of an NFL game on the NFL Network - available to about 40-million households in the United States - between the Chiefs and Broncos drew an overnight Nielsen rating of a 2.3, meaning about 1.8-million were tuned in. It probably won't be the lowest-rated NFL game ever, but it's close. According to USA Today, a 1997 Falcons-Panthers game on TNT drew a 1.7, partly because that game went up against a World Series Game 7.

The Southern Cal-Notre Dame game earned a 9.6 rating, making it the second-highest rated college game of the season behind Ohio State and Michigan.

Other voices

The time has come, and the answer is no.

Mark McGwire may get into the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot, but it won't be unanimous. I know one vote he's not getting.

This is the voting hot potato we've been waiting for, and now it's here with the release of the ballot (Monday). A while back, I would have said "dreading.'' But I dread no longer. I'm comfortable with my decision. If someone wants to vote for him, fine. But I'm not going to do it. I'll also wager that more people are thinking my way than are thinking the other way. I doubt that he'll get in, at least this time.

Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

In a related item

Speaking of McGwire, the Associated Press surveyed about 20 percent of the eligible Hall of Fame voters, and one in four said they planned to vote for him.

Funniest line of the day

"John Madden would have loved this if he was alive today.''

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel, who stopped by the Monday Night Football booth during a snow storm in the Packers-Seahawks game

Smartest line of the day

"You can imagine a situation when you are running away from an angry dog. You've got a bit of adrenaline in your blood, right? Combine that with a sense of accomplishment, and you've got a goal.''

Capitals star Alex Ovechkin, in the Washington Post, talking about what it feels like when he scores a goal

Weakest line of the day

"I didn't make the tackle. Get over it.''

Giants WR Plaxico Burress, who appeared to give a half-hearted attempt trying to tackle the Titans' Pacman Jones after Jones' interception Sunday. Tennessee rallied with 24 fourth-quarter points to win.

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