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Family movie guide

Films rated G, PG or PG-13 are included in this weekly listing, along with occasional R-rated films that may have entertainment or educational value for older children with parental guidance.

Suitable for families

Deck the Halls D

(PG) - Suburban neighbors (Matthew Broderick, Danny DeVito) take holiday decorating much too seriously. Crude and mildly suggestive humor.

Flushed Away B-

(PG) - A house mouse (voice of Hugh Jackman) takes the toilet route to underground London. Crude humor and briefly rude language but nothing truly offensive.

Happy Feet C+

(PG) - A tone-deaf penguin (voice of Elijah Wood) uses tap-dancing skills to attract a mate. Mild peril and occasionally rude humor.

The Nativity Story B

(PG) - Nothing offensive to Christians in this dramatization of the virgin Mary (Keisha Castle-Hughes) giving birth to Jesus of Nazareth. Brief violence during King Herod's purge of infants.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

(G) - Tim Allen returns as a suburban father moonlighting as St. Nick, battling Jack Frost (Martin Short) for North Pole control. Nothing objectionable.

Suitable, with reservations

The Queen B

(PG-13) - Teenagers interested in Princess Diana's enduring mystique may appreciate this dramatization of life at Buckingham Palace after her death. Brief profanity, mature themes.

Not suitable

Casino Royale B

(PG-13) - British secret service agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) returns, sexier and more violent than ever. Intense action sequences, including torture, nudity and sexual content, make this for adults only.

Deja Vu C

(PG-13) - A federal agent (Denzel Washington) travels backward in time to prevent a murder, falling in love with the potential victim. Intense violence, disturbing images, profanity, sensuality.

For Your Consideration C

(PG-13) - Children won't connect with this Hollywood satire, full of insider references and ethnic humor that will sail over their heads. Moderate profanity and sexual humor seal its grownup nature.

The Fountain B-

(PG-13) - Fans of Hugh Jackman's X-Men heroics will be dumbfounded and/or bored by this tragic sci-fi romance spanning 1,000 years. Violence and sexuality were trimmed after the MPAA's original R rating.

Jesus Camp B+

(PG-13) - Documentary expose of an evangelical Christian summer camp for children. No profanity, violence or sexuality, but provocative, mature themes regarding abortion, separation of church and state and others. Either side of the culture war may be offended or pleased, sometimes at once.

Stranger Than Fiction A

(PG-13) - Despite Will Ferrell's popularity among youths, this existential comedy about a man facing death by literature isn't his usual silliness. Disturbing images, sexual situations, brief nudity, profanity.