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Strahan doesn't take kindly to questioning

Losing isn't the only thing contagious on the Giants these days.

Blowups are just as popular, and Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Strahan on Wednesday joined the ranks of Jeremy Shockey and Tiki Barber in mouthing off in what is quickly becoming a season of frustration.

Strahan did his best to intimidate an ESPN reporter who attempted to question him about comments he made on radio Monday about receiver Plaxico Burress quitting on plays.

Strahan called out Kelly Naqi, ESPN's New York-based reporter, as she stood behind about three dozen members of the media trying to question him.

"Come here, I want to see your face when you ask this question, the way you are going to ask it," Strahan said. "I know you are going to ask it in a way there is more division and more of a negative way than it was, so come here, I want to see your face, please."

Naqi then asked whether Strahan had spoken with Burress since his comments.

Strahan, who was approached by the reporter in the locker room earlier but refused to talk with her, got snippy after Naqi questioned him about Burress.

"I haven't spoken to you about it," he said. "I have spoken to Plaxico. I spoke to Plaxico in the team meeting, as well."

FALCONS: Michael Vick was fined $10,000 by the NFL and agreed to donate another $10,000 to charity for an obscene hand gesture toward Falcons fans following last weekend's loss to New Orleans. "I broke a rule and now I'm paying the price," Vick said. "The good thing is I get to donate a portion of it to charity."

RAIDERS: A soap opera season took another strange turn when coach Art Shell accused a member of the organization of trying to undermine the coaching staff and rooting against the team. Shell did not name the person, but said it was not a coach or a player. He said the person has been calling media members around the country and criticizing coaches. "I'm a fighter," Shell said. "I sit back and I watch things happen and then it gets to the point where you cross the line. That line has been crossed and I won't sit back and allow it to happen anymore."

VIKINGS: Receiver Troy Williamson took part in practice, two days after he was punched in the face near the end of a charity event at Myth nightclub in Maplewood, Minn., and apparently sustained a black eye.