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Teachers, teams win grants for creative class projects

The Citrus County Education Foundation has announced this year's teacher grant recipients.

Three groups of grants were awarded to individual teachers and teacher teams: Black Diamond Foundation, Citigroup and Okey Ryan Memorial. These are this year's grant recipients:

Black Diamond Foundation

- Christine Murin and Angela Solomon, Citrus Springs Elementary, for their project, "Literacy Masters."

- Gail Sotrines and Robbie Lindeman, Citrus Springs Middle, for "History Through the Eyes of Literacy Characters."

- Gema Coleman and Traci Spafford, CREST, for "The Ending Changes."

- Jamie Fehrenbach and Katie Hughes, Hernando Elementary, for "Exploration Packs."

- Kathryn Locke and Jennifer Pepe, Inverness Middle, for "Rhyme Time: Poetry Performance Party."

- Kay Harper and Jenae Royston, Inverness Primary, for "Tales & Tiles Take-Home."


- Kristen Milford and Earnie Olsen, Academy of Environmental Science, for "AES Water Quality Monitoring Team."

- Tammy MacDonald and Sherina Finley, Crystal River Middle, for "Science is a Hoot."

- Eileen Snyder and Steffanie Grotz, Inverness Middle, for "Make a Difference, Pay It Forward."

- Cynthia Hendrick and Wanda Bennett, Renaissance Center, for Renaissance Times school newspaper.

Okey Ryan Memorial

- Billy Bass, Citrus High, for "Significant People & Events"

- Carla Eschen, Citrus Springs Elementary, for "Beyond the Eye of the Storm."

- Debra Quertermous, Citrus Springs Middle, for "Life Skills."

- Traci Spafford and Gema Coleman, CREST, for "CREST Reading Cafe."

- Sherina Finley, Crystal River Middle, for "Do You Know Your Body?"

- Lillian Joyce Ware, Floral City Elementary, for "Baby BumbleBee Library."

- Gail Bockiaro, Forest Ridge Elementary, for "Asking to Learn."

- Amanda Parker, Hernando Elementary, for "Math Literature Library."

- Tobey Hunter, Hernando Elementary, for "Science Investigators: Creating Age-Appropriate Science Centers."

- Lenora Nelson, Inverness Middle, for "Power Reading."

- Jim Benson and Ingrid Staley, Inverness Middle, for "Builder's Square."

- Elaine Vilchez-Herrador, Inverness Primary, for "Reading to Write."

- Rebecca O'Connell, Inverness Primary, for "When We Were Five."

- Stacy Fulton and Stephanie Ottinger, Inverness Primary, for "High 5 for Literacy."

- Lisa Denny, Inverness Primary, for "Start Your Day with SRA."

- Dawn Mundy and Sandra Cross, Inverness Primary, for "Supporting Our Veterans Through Music and Celebration."

- Wendy Roberts, Lecanto High, for "Strategies & Study Aids that Students Can Use for Life."

- Deborah Perry, Lecanto Middle, for "LMS Border Patrol, Walk Florida."

- Terry Stoufer, Lucy Lecour, Linda Ferrara and Bianca Curtis, Lecanto Primary, for "Ready ... Set ... Action."

- Kim Hume, Pleasant Grove Elementary, for "Literacy in the Classroom."

- Shonda Johnson, Rock Crusher Elementary, for "Math Stories."