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The list

Christian Slater, one of the stars of the movie Bobby, which opened on Thanksgiving, gave the Atlanta Journal-Constitution his top five sports movies:

1. Hoosiers: Dennis Hopper steals the movie in his role as "Shooter," the town drunk.

2. Bad News Bears: The original should be required viewing for all coaches.

3. Rudy: I get a lump in my throat every time I watch it.

4. Caddyshack: One of the funniest movies of all time.

5. Heaven Can Wait: Warren Beatty's performance is outstanding - a great mix of sports and spirituality

Turning the Tide

USF's Jim Leavitt says he's not interested. The Dolphins' Nick Saban said he isn't interested. South Carolina's Steve Spurrier and West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez aren't interested.

So, who, exactly, is interested in becoming the next coach at Alabama?

Twenty-five years ago, this is a job coaches would give their right arm to get. It was one of the most coveted jobs in the country. Now? High-profile names run from it. The Tide likely will have to go with either an assistant coach from a big school or a coach from a much smaller program.

Whoever it is, his name won't be Bear Bryant, the only coach that seems to satisfy the school and its fans. And that's why Alabama has a problem finding big-time candidates.

What do you think?

The Devil Rays are looking into the idea of playing a three-game series in the Disney/Orlando area next season. Is it a good idea? Do you have a problem with it? Are you worried this means the Rays are thinking of moving? Tell us what you think. Send your comments (100 words or less) along with your name and hometown to

He said it

"I'm a man of my word. I said I'd do an interview with an Ohio State football helmet on. We couldn't find a (football) helmet, so we went with a hockey helmet.''

Canucks and former University of Michigan center Brendan Morrison, who lost a bet to teammate and Ohio State alum Ryan Kesler over the Michigan-OSU football game

Future best-seller

Former Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler completed a book on leadership just before his death on Nov. 17. Bo's Lasting Lessons: A Legendary Coach Teaches the Timeless Fundamentals of Leadership will be released by Warner Books in the fall.

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