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Two teams on broadcasts rarely see others' work

Sun Sports' replay of Zdeno Chara's disputed goal was not shown on New England Sports Network's telecast of the Nov. 4 Bruins-Lightning game because sports television is an inexact science, two executive producers said.

Sun Sports' Ned Tate and FSN Arizona's Mike Roth said when two production companies cover the same game, monitors displaying the other's telecast are rarely watched.

And, said Roth, whose company telecasts the Coyotes: "It's about 99.9 percent that they are not recording the feed."

No surprise then, they said, the replay Lightning players believe would have disallowed Chara's goal was not shown by NESN, whose replays the NHL used for the review.

"It's just a reference," Tate said of the other feed. "Do we go to commercial break at the same time? You're definitely not recording it."

NESN producer Doug Wheeler said he wishes he saw Sun Sports' shot.

"If I thought it was something our analysts would want, I would try to get that,'' he said. "We're all in this together."