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Published Dec. 1, 2006

Tonight is Toilet Paper Roll Giveaway at the Bakersfield (Calif.) Condors hockey game against Fresno. The first 2,000 adults 18 and older (what, kids don't go to the bathroom?) receive a roll of Fresno Falcons toilet paper as the Condors, and we quote the news release, "Wipe Out the Falcons.'' We're guessing more fans will go to Saturday's Bakersfield game when the Condors award 20 fans with the new Nintendo Wii.



Boxer Winky Wright: Is Ronald your real name or your nickname? Because it would be cool if it were the latter.

The List, Part I

Dave Kindred of the Sporting News writes the following:

The way it's going for Peyton Manning's brother, Eli seems to be following in the footsteps of ...

1) Billy Ripken

2) Tommie Aaron

3) Ozzie Canseco

4) Eddie Payton

5) Jeb Bush


Ian Eagle is handling play-by-play for CBS' coverage of Army-Navy. He gives the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the five things that make Saturday's showdown a one-of-a-kind event:

1. The corps of Cadets and brigade of Midshipmen marching on the field before the game is one of the great spectacles in all of sports.

2. No excessive celebration and no taunting.

3. Players are never late for our production meetings and are the only ones ever to call me "sir."

4. It's the "safest" I'll feel doing a game all year. Stadium security guards have a quiet day.

5. It is an American tradition that gives the U.S. military worldwide an escape from reality for 3-1/2 hours every year.


Baseball has done everything in its power to cover its tracks on the crime it committed against its own game for all those years. It hasn't come close to covering them all up. This stretch of time, when the writers vote for the Cooperstown Class of 2007, is baseball's chance to pass the buck, to let those voters help it clean up the mess.

It would be so convenient if the writers ... keep Mark McGwire and the others out. It would be much better if they gave that nasty chapter of history its due, and vote McGwire and the others in.

You can't put the genie back in the bottle. Doing that lets baseball off the hook. It also lets the writers who were complicit in the charade off the hook, too, and in varying degrees they all were.

.. Baseball itself has the most to answer for, though. It's still getting away with the scam; attendance went up again, and it still gets respect from the public it wouldn't get if it was, say, wrestling instead of the storied national pastime. ...If next summer, baseball doesn't have to deal with McGwire taking the Fifth during his acceptance speech, with rows of empty seats vacated by boycotting Hall of Famers, or the ruination of Cal Ripken's and Tony Gwynn's big day, it would be simply par for the course.

David Steele, Baltimore Sun