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Working class needs time off

Holidays provide needed time off, Nov. 30 letter

The letter writer, in her response to the subject, stated that the working class really appreciates the four-day weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hoped they did.

I wonder what she did with her time off during those days. Did she go shopping? Did she watch TV or listen to the radio? Did she cook or wash? Did she drive a vehicle? Could she have done any of those things if, as she writes, "Everyone deserves some time off to enjoy with family and friends. Especially the working class!"

Would she enjoy her time off if she had to sit around her home with no utilities or the day-to-day conveniences she enjoys? Who does she think provided her with the services described above? The working class.

I guess she thinks that those who worked during the period referenced are not members of the working class. During the Christmas and New Year's three-day weekends, enjoy your time off and, in keeping with your suggestion, wait until Tuesday to do anything or use anything so those members of the working class can have time off to enjoy their families and friends during those periods.

Andy Taylor, New Port Richey

County's garbage plan needs work

It seems that Pasco County government has a job to do to ensure that we residents have an uninterrupted and seamless transition to replace Waste Management in the areas where they are now refusing to continue business.

To be given only one month to select a new collector is ridiculous. And to offer 12 choices is even stupider. If all of my neighbors choose someone different, how practical will it be for any of the collectors to make a profit on my street? Why was this not planned better?

The Pasco County Commission needs to tell Waste Management that if it wants to continue to do any business in Pasco County, it will provide the same service it is now offering for another six months at least, in order to provide for a better transfer for the residents.

The Pasco County Commission needs to determine the legitimacy of the available collectors currently licensed to haul garbage in this county and which of them have the resources to begin collecting for larger areas that will not be covered by Waste Management.

The Pasco County Commission needs to determine franchise areas for the qualified and capable collectors so that various areas and enclaves will have one hauler serving the area, not a number of them all trying to make a profit in many areas. This would ensure that residents have a chance of good service because it will be easier and profitable for each collector to be responsible for an entire area.

The Pasco County Commission needs to step up and make this transition happen without the serious problems that are likely to occur in such a quick manner, as is being offered by Waste Management.

For my neighbors and me to try to select a new collector from the grocery list provided by the Waste Management letter is ludicrous. For us to have any chance to not have garbage collection problems after Jan 1, the Pasco County Commission needs to take some strong action.

Please make it happen.

Rick Morriss, Wesley Chapel

Growth will kill THE Bus funding

Columnist Andrew Skerritt writes that the best reason to keep THE Bus running today is about tomorrow, the future.

As the county grows, ridership grows. Mr. Skerritt failed to mention that when the population hits a certain number, the federal grant money will stop. Then Hernando taxpayers will pay the entire cost!

Bob Cooper, Spring Hill