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Holiday safety by the numbers

82 Percentage of households that admit to someone climbing on chairs, counters, shelves or furniture rather than using a ladder while decorating for the holidays.

22 Percentage of those who used a ladder but admit they were consuming adult beverages at the time.

34 Percentage of adults who decorate using a ladder when it's wet or snowy outside.

36 Percentage who admit they string lights while the lights are plugged in, using an aluminum ladder, which conducts electricity.

33 Percentage of adults who wear mittens while climbing ladders and decorating.

38 Percentage of adults who decorate after dark.

36 Percentage of adults who stand on the top two steps of the ladder.

Safety tips from the Home Safety Council

- Set your ladder on level ground.

- Work in a well-lighted area.

- Never stand on those top two steps. Use a fiberglass ladder, which doesn't conduct electricity.

- More holiday-related ladder safety tips are at