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Let the fun flow

These will get the holiday party started. Beckett Container Fountains, a punch bowl or ice bucket, and some decorations create a unique centerpiece or table decoration.

For the fountain with pink ornaments, settle the fountain's pump in a punch bowl and attach the nozzle. Adorn with decorations of your choice. The pink ornaments are a couple of clusters on a wire, bought at a crafts store, the wire wrapped around the fountain nozzle to hide the mechanicals. Then fill the bowl with water and turn on the fountain.

For the bubbling champagne bottle, drill a half-inch hole in the bottom of a champagne bottle. Thread half-inch tubing through the hole and trim to fit. Attach it to the fountain's pump. Set the bottle and pump in a wine bucket. Add glass or plastic "ice" and fill the reservoir with water.

Beckett Container Fountains, priced at $24.99-$29.99, are available at garden centers and home centers.