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Published Dec. 2, 2006

A Florida man faces up to 90 days in prison and a $500 fine after pleading guilty to stealing the pistol Theodore Roosevelt used in the Spanish-American War.

Anthony Joseph Tulino, 55, a postal worker from DeLand, Fla., pleaded guilty Thursday to a violation of the American Antiquities Act of 1906.

Sentencing for the misdemeanor is scheduled for March 2.

Roosevelt carried the revolver in the Battle of San Juan Hill in 1898 when he led the Rough Riders in Cuba.

It was stolen in 1990 from a locked display case without an alarm at the Old Orchard Museum in Cove Neck, N.Y.


Group home operators were cited at 2 sites

The operators of a group home destroyed in a fatal fire were recently threatened with the loss of their state license to serve the mentally ill at two affiliated homes.

Inspectors cited repeated errors and confusion in providing medication to residents, poor hygiene, numerous communication lapses between administrators and staff, and an exposed electrical wire hanging from a building, Department of Mental Health documents show.

Joplin River of Life Ministries Inc. entered into a consent agreement in September with the state allowing it to operate under probation until next April, so long as it proves the problems are being corrected. The probation status applies to the Joplin Guest House III and Carl Junction Guest House.

At the organization's Anderson Guest House, a fire early Monday killed nine of the 32 residents and one of the two staff members on duty.

Elsewhere ...

WASHINGTON: Stephen Cambone, the Pentagon's top intelligence official and a close ally of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, will step down at the end of the year, becoming the first key department member to leave after Rumsfeld's resignation.

CONCORD, N.H.: The New Hampshire Democratic Party, which had sought compensation in an Election Day 2002 phone-jamming scheme, settled its lawsuit against the GOP for an undisclosed amount, state Republicans said Friday.

MINNEAPOLIS: Airport officials said Friday they will consider setting aside a private area for prayer and meditation at the request of imams concerned about the removal of six Muslim clerics from a US Airways flight last week after drawing the concern of some passengers.

PIKEVILLE, KY.: Human error - bringing a torch near a poorly built protective seal - sparked an explosion in Darby No. 1 Mine that killed five men in May, state investigators said Friday.