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Published Dec. 2, 2006

The November issue of Los Angeles magazine features a UCLA vs. USC "Grudge Match" quiz.

1. In fall 1987, the Trojans successfully changed the Hollywood sign. What did it say?

2. In fall 1993, the Bruins got revenge and changed the Hollywood sign to their liking. What did it say?

3. What was the original nickname for the Bruins?

4. What was the original nickname of the USC football team?

5. Which weighs more, the Victory Bell or Matt Leinart?

6. True or false: A Japanese tourist visiting UCLA once paid $350 for a pair of Nikes off Reggie Miller's feet.

7. Name UCLA's only four-sport letterman.

8. Name USC's seven Heisman Trophy winners, in chronological order.

9. Which sportswriter came up with the nickname "Trojans" in 1912?

10. Name the school whose athletes have won the most Olympic gold medals.

Trivia answers



3. The Cubs.

4. The Fighting Methodists.

5. The Victory Bell, which weighs 295 pounds. Leinart weighs 230.

6. False.

7. Jackie Robinson.

8. Mike Garrett, O.J. Simpson, Charles White, Marcus Allen, Carson Palmer, Leinart, Reggie Bush.

9. Owen Bird of the Los Angeles Times.

10. USC's athletes have won 234 medals, UCLA's 213.


"Alabama used to want to keep up with Southern Cal. Now, they just want to beat Auburn."

Paul Finebaum, who spent five hours Monday letting Tide fans vent about the state of their program on the most popular radio show in the state