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Big Buc chases bucks

Published Feb. 5, 2008

Bucs offensive lineman Jeb Terry can go out to catch dinner and come home and cook it. The avid hunter is just as adept with his bow and arrow as he is in the kitchen (he makes a mean meatloaf). The native Texan discussed these and other topics.

You are quite the outdoorsman. How did that passion develop?

I like fishing, hunting, horseback riding, everything. My dad always managed to find somewhere for us to go when I was little. Every weekend during deer season, we'd hit the road and go sleep in a motel somewhere and go hunt. We had a blast. We also had horses growing up, so he and I always went riding together. We even went to a cattle drive every year. It was this deal where a bunch of guys (who) liked to play cowboy go out and have their own weekend.

So, what do you hunt with the bow?

Deer and hogs, mainly. But pretty much any big game. I used to terrorize the neighborhood when I was a kid. I used to practice on squirrels.

That's kind of mean.

Well, I had to get my aim right. I once shot a squirrel, but being a dumb little kid, I shot him when he was in a tree. So, the arrow went through and stuck in the tree. My dad found it two weeks later and made me go up there and get it down.

How good is your aim?

Well, pretty good actually. I can hit from about 40 yards. (When I practice) I try to get all my arrows in a radius of a few inches.

And is your aim better with guns or arrows?

It's about the same. I always had good aim growing up. It's just something I'm good at. The best times in my life are when I'm at a hunting camp somewhere. You get out of the city, you don't have the distractions, you play some cards, drink some beers and you have a blast.

Is deer your main thing?

Yeah, I really like deer hunting a whole lot. But I also like bird hunting - quail and doves. For me, pretty much if it flies, walks or crawls, I'll go after it. I go to Mexico every year and go bird hunting.

Anthony Davis (the team's resident rapper) says you're into freestyle rapping. Please share.

I like it. We do our thing. It's kind of a hidden talent of mine. For some reason, I can just come up with words or phrases and make them rhyme.

And how did you discover this talent?

I listen to country music a lot, and I'd make up words to country songs a lot. Then I got to college and started listening to rap, and it just kind of came easy to me. It's the same thing: talking about situations. We'd make up a rap about being in the weight room at six in the morning in college. They're both about real situations. I just kind of have a knack for that I guess.

You must be one of the biggest guys on the team. Where do you rank?

I go about 320 (pounds) and I'm almost 6-6. There's not many guys bigger. (Jeremy) Trueblood is just a huge guy, Anthony Bryant is definitely big. A.D. (Davis) is pretty big, too.

What is shopping like for you?

Oh, it's miserable. I don't shop. You can't go to a big and tall store. That's big and fat and tall and skinny. That's what we call it. They don't have anything for me. I can't go to a shoe store because I wear size 17s. So, I have to have all my boots made and my tennis shoes I get through the Bucs. If I go to buy jeans, you can't find any. If I go to the store and I find something, it's like a gold-letter day.

So, what's in your closet?

My closet is mesh and T-shirts. I have two pairs of jeans that I've worn thin. And I have some nice stuff that I've had specially made. I have a person in Dallas who takes care of that stuff for me. But there's nothing better than being able to go to work in mesh and T-shirts every day.

So, you cook a lot. What's your best dish?

I'm a pretty good meatloaf guy. I used to be afraid of it because there's so much going on. But I've gotten good at it. Breakfast burritos, that's my main thing - hands down. I make my own salsa and guacamole.

So, if you and your fiance (Robin Thompson) are having company, who cooks?

Me. She admits I'm the better cook.

Will the wedding be off if that shows up in the paper?

No. Not at all. She (baits) me into cooking when she doesn't want to by telling me, "Oh, but you're so much better." It works every time.