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Help's here for job-hunting bosses

This one's for the big fish: senior-level players in the realm of nonprofits, education, health care and public organizations.

ExecSearches, a Fort Lauderdale site, encourages do-gooder executives to fill out a profile about the industries they're interested in, the regions where they're willing to live and the salary they're willing to accept. Then, the site e-mails them - daily, weekly or monthly - with suitable openings.

Nonprofits pay to post positions on the Web site: $99 for 30 days; up to $150 for 90 days. New clients get discounts.

Members can also ask consultants at execSearches to review their resume and cover letter. For $125, the consultants will tell you what they thought of your resume and cover letter, either over the phone or face to face. (The face time will cost you an extra 25 bucks, though.)