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Hickory Hill will be bad for area

I cannot understand how any informed person could be in favor of the proposed Hickory Hill subdivision. Letter writers who think the tax revenues from it will save the county from its budget shortfalls are sorely mistaken. Tax surplus will only appear at buildout, after 20 or so years, if then.

Southern Hills Plantation in Brooksville is much like the proposed Hickory Hill, and it has only a few families or so living there. The high sales of lots that were touted so in Southern Hills were merely to land speculators who can't sell them now, proving there is no need for another development of this kind.

One writer repeated how Hickory Hill would be an asset to the county, but none have spelled out just what those benefits would be. Job creation will be for minimum wages, and only a handful of positions are at or above the county average for income. The people who would live in such an upscale development will be professionals who will be commuting to Tampa or elsewhere. That is where they will spend most of their income.

Why should our comprehensive growth plan be changed prematurely to allow the destruction of an established community for the sole purpose of producing profits for the developer and the landowner?

Groundwater contamination will occur. All the studies prove it. But government regulations will permit a certain level of contaminants, and that is what you will get from Hickory Hill. Both state agencies were clear on this point. Hickory Hill is not on a contiguous clay layer and is next to a county well. It isn't a question of if there will be contamination, but how much, how soon and how far it will travel.

Traffic congestion also will occur. Just like Bruce B. Downs and New Tampa, Hickory Hill will bring that kind of development to Spring Lake. My time is valuable to me. I don't want to spend one minute more in traffic than I have to. I bought land in Spring Lake some 20 years ago because of the urbanization of the counties south of us. This area was and is on the map for rural use, not "McMansion'' subdivisions and golf courses.

No one in Spring Lake opposes growth altogether, as Sierra Properties would have you believe. Rather, folks demand that the rural guidelines for development be applied to everyone seeking to increase existing densities, with no exceptions for fame, fortunes and political contributions.

People have a right to live in the country if they want to. They have a right to expect their County Commission to uphold the existing growth plan and to allow changes only when necessary, not on a developer's whim.

Save Spring Lake; you may be saving your own neighborhood.

Shirley Robinson, Brooksville

Subdivision will bring in revenue

I have lived in Hernando County for more than 15 years. It is my home, and my family and I plan on spending the rest of our lives in this beautiful place.

We have seen a lot of changes and, in particular, in the past few years new subdivisions, Lowe's stores, several Wal-Marts and a new designer Publix. But guess what? They are being built from Brooksville to the west; out on the east side of the county it has been kind of quiet from a development perspective. That is finally changing, thankfully.

A lot has been in the papers lately about new development in the area near Interstate 75 and State Road 50. The county is finally getting subdivisions planned in the area, and while most of the proposals seem like "business as usual," one project stands out. The Hickory Hill subdivision being proposed by the Thomas family and the Sierra development team is planned like no other in this county. This county needs high-quality communities to help provide needed tax revenues and attract new business leaders.

This project will bring a standard to the area and I urge you to support it, as do I and my family.

William Pierson, Spring Hill

Voters don't want Robinson in office

Who is watching out for the voters of Hernando County? We have lawyers for Nancy Robinson, Rose Rocco, Janey Baldwin and others interested in the outcome of this election.

I'm not saying Rose Rocco should or shouldn't be county commissioner. But Nancy Robinson should not be commissioner; the voters of Hernando County have spoken and they do not want her making decisions for them. If Robinson is put in as county commissioner, we are no better than countries with dictators.

Residents have spoken. "NO'' to Nancy Robinson.

Horace Hall, Brooksville

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