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Subject: Mark McGwire

For John Romano. Have to agree with your vote for McGwire entering the Hall of Fame. We are all 101 percent sure Barry Bonds has been an avid steroid user and he (and the media) has the audacity to be chasing Hank Aaron's record. If Bonds is still playing baseball, McGwire definitely should be in the Hall of Fame.

Johnny Daluisio, Hudson

We will know for sure if McGwire dabbled in performance-enhancing drugs as time goes by. The adverse effects drugs place on the body are unavoidable. If we hear of any cardiovascular diseases, blood clots, kidney disease, or any cancers by the time he is 50, then we will know. I sadly predict he won't live past the age of 60. These guys may be making millions of dollars, but their intelligence about the body is located in only one chapter out of a 30-chapter book.

James Demmy, Kenneth City

Subject: Waterwork watershed

C'mon! An article about famous athletes who are criers and no mention of Jeff Gordon?

Mark Hepburn, Clearwater

Subject: USF Bulls football

I would like to know who made the journalistic decision to have the Gators, who beat 6-6 Florida State, make the front page Sunday instead of our own hometown Bulls, who beat the No. 7 team in the nation in West Virginia. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for not leading with the best local sports story. Oh, I forgot, you do lead with the Bulls when we have a big loss!

Peter McClure, Seminole

As former Floridians currently living in Morgantown, W.Va., our family was thrilled that the USF Bulls were coming to town to take on the seventh-ranked Mountaineers. The weather was gorgeous (a rarity for Morgantown) and we wanted to say "thank you" to the Bulls for the delivering the game of a lifetime. Congratulations to coach Jim Leavitt and the team, especially the defense. The USF coaching staff and team displayed great class and good sportsmanship, and we were very proud to root them on to victory.

The Sayut Family, Morgantown (formerly of St. Petersburg)

Subject: John Tortorella

As a longtime Lightning fan, and one very proud of our Stanley Cup title won under his command, it's hard for me to say, but I think Tortorella should be fired for his gross mismanagement of goaltenders the past two years. Needless to say, last year was a disaster with the John Grahame-Sean Burke tandem. This year, the team signs Marc Denis and he's a disappointment, but should be given a chance. Of course, Torts doesn't give him a chance and starts playing Johan Holmqvist. It turns out well, however, because the rookie plays well. But what does Tortorella do? Pulls him at home against Washington after allowing all of three goals in two periods, and puts in Denis, who promptly allows two more. Tortorella's response? Start Denis in Boston, where he allows three goals on 25 shots and a game-winning shootout goal. Brilliant, Torts, brilliant. Next he'll recall Burke from Springfield.

Noah Feldman, Bradenton

The good

World Series MVP David Eckstein has written a book in the Positively for Kids Series. The name couldn't be more fitting. It's titled David Eckstein: Have Heart.

The bad

Let's get this straight: Michael Strahan of the Giants rips into teammate Plaxico Burress and then chews out an ESPN reporter he said was trying to stir up trouble and divide the team because she had the nerve to ask him about his quotes?

The ugly

Jack Ikegwuonu, a defensive back at Wisconsin, and twin brother William, a defensive back for Northern Illinois, are accused of breaking into an off-campus apartment in DeKalb, Ill., to steal an Xbox.