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Man is subdued with Taser, spray

There he was, the man they wanted, talking on a pay phone by 7-Eleven. The deputies had tracked William Mayberry from Banjo Drive, where they said he screamed and menaced and rammed his truck into his ex-girlfriend's front gate. Now they closed in.

They drew their guns. Saturday morning, U.S. 19 and New York Avenue. Mayberry would not surrender. Field training Officer Russell Knierem of the Sheriff's Office said Mayberry told them to shoot.

Someone did. Not a gun, but a Taser, the double-barreled electric shock machine. Agency policy allows for incapacitating force when a subject uses "aggressive physical resistance."

Mayberry was struck in the chest and the abdomen. He went down and was handcuffed. Still he did not submit.

Fire Rescue took him to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, where he refused treatment. Knierem put him in the patrol car for a trip to the Land O' Lakes jail.

Mayberry, 32, faced charges of aggravated stalking, criminal mischief and violation of a domestic violence injunction.

He wasn't ready to go.

He tried to kick out the patrol car's window.

But when Knierem hit him with pepper spray, Mayberry's resistance crumbled.

"He was pretty much immediately compliant at that time," Knierem said. "Instead of calling me profane language, he decided he would call me 'Sir.' "

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