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Persistence mends the fence

My neighbor hired Sweet Lawn and Landscaping for his lawn care. We have a 5-foot vinyl fence between our properties. Sweet Lawn damaged the fence while mowing my neighbor's lawn. It was dented, chewed up and pulled down in more than one place. My neighbor spoke to them about it.

I have left numerous messages with the office manager and another employee at Sweet Lawn as well as faxing an estimate for repair. My husband tried to call the owner. It's been four months and I've had no reply whatsoever. I am eager to resolve this by having my fence repaired or be reimbursed for the repair. Can you assist me?

Vi Biega

Despite repeated attempts to elicit a response from Sweet Lawn and Landscaping, we also got no reply.

But, you wrote: "Today I received a check for the full amount requested of $180. I am now a satisfied person."

Preacher comes through with shawl

In July, I sent a $30 check to a preacher named Benny Hinn. He said he would send a prayer shawl like Jesus wore to anyone who sent him $30.

My check was cashed July 12. I've written and called several times, but I can't find anyone who knows anything about it.

I'd like either my prayer shawl or my money back. I'm a widow and live on a small, fixed income, so this is a lot of money to me.


Benny Hinn is the preacher behind Benny Hinn Ministries. He broadcasts on television and the Internet and has several contact addresses throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

His church's tax-exempt status has been questioned since he doesn't hold regular worship services. Hinn himself has been the subject of news investigations into his lavish lifestyle and allegations that his ministry uses only a small percentage of its revenues for charitable purposes. Hinn does not disclose those figures.

We contacted Benny Hinn Ministries twice on your behalf. We're glad to hear you've received your prayer shawl and you "just love it."

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