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System keeps landlords on toes

Good for New Port Richey for having a new way to encourage owners of rental property to keep their promises to provide decent commodities for the money. Although, no doubt, the $35 registration fee will be transferred to the renter.

I hope that inspection of the structural property will be included in the new system so that no renter ends up in a place with faulty plumbing and moldy walls.

I don't think many renters want to have the landlord punished for serious, long-term violations. After all, we, especially the low-income renters, need each other. The renter desperately needs a place to live that hopefully is affordable, and the landlord obviously needs as much rent as he can squeeze out of a place. What renters would like is for the landlord to take care of a problem immediately as if it were his own family and his own home. Forget about the punishing fines.

It might help landlords to think in terms of dollars. Find the problem and fix it properly before you rent. It will be cheaper in the long run.

To landlords who apparently buy up cheap properties thinking of big profits and then do not pay for the upkeep, I have one suggestion: sell. There are less expensive ways to invest your money and not be hurting other people.

Doris Lee, New Port Richey

Ridge's medians hard to see past

I'm all for the beautification of highways, but has anyone besides me had trouble with the plans in the medians on Ridge Road?

They are so large and plentiful and overgrown that you have to inch your way out to a dangerous spot just to see oncoming traffic. It's hard enough with all of the tinted windows and vans and trucks; who decided we needed more obstacles, and who do we complain to about this?

Deborah Lee, New Port Richey

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