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The Week in Words

Editor's note: The following is a recap of the week's news events in Citrus County, in the words of the newsmakers.

"He wanted what was best for the county and he wanted to move it forward. Sometimes he did it in a way that didn't bring the people along with him.''

Former County Commissioner Josh Wooten on Jim Fowler, who has stepped down from the commission after serving 12 years.

"He was a good commissioner for his constituency. Unfortunately, his entire constituency consisted of the builders and developers and any benefit to the ordinary citizens or the ordinary taxpayer was purely accidental and ancillary.''

Jim Bitter, a community watchdog and frequent critic of county government, on Fowler.

"There is nothing about this that we approve, but we have no choice. The alternative is to jump off the cliff.''

School Board member Pat Deutschman, on the district's plan to pay performance bonuses to teachers.

"It's not fair to the students. It's not fair to the teachers and it's not fair to the district. The people who thought about (the plan) don't care about fairness. They don't care about the students.''

Teachers union president Deborah Platt, on the bonus plan.

"As we've said before, the citizens of Citrus County should feel confident that they can get the same high-quality care found in more urban hospitals, right here at home.''

Ryan Beaty, chief executive officer of Citrus Memorial Health System, which has just been ranked among the top hospitals in the country for surgery and orthopedics.