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A system guide for Santa

If you are hoping for a game system under your Christmas tree this holiday season, here are some tips to give Santa.

The Xbox 360 ($300 and $400 versions) and PlayStation 3 ($500 and $600 versions) are the systems to get for the most cutting-edge graphics, though it'll be nearly impossible to find a PS3 for a while. While the 360 and PS3 are geared more toward teens and older players, the Nintendo Wii ($250) is aimed at all ages.

The Wii doesn't have super-fancy graphics, but its motion-sensing controller is a lot of fun, and you can download old Nintendo games like the original Legend of Zelda.

The PlayStation 2 ($130) is nearing the end of its life, but it's relatively cheap and has the biggest library of great games. For portable systems, the Nintendo DS Lite's ($130) touch screen and variety of games make up for its relative lack of power. The DS Lite also plays Game Boy Advance games.

The Sony PlayStation Portable ($200) has an enormous screen and terrific graphics, but the games aren't as varied or interesting as the DS Lite's. The PSP also plays music and movies.

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More the the wish list

Josh Korr, who writes a game blog for the Times, says there are plenty of other games out there to choose from that are kid-friendly or a little edgier if you are older.

* Super Mario DS (for DS, rated E; $34.99)

* Brain Age and Big Brain Academy (for DS, both rated E and $19.99)

* Loco Roco (for PSP, rated E; $39.99)

* Guitar Hero II (rated T for Teen; $79.99 including plastic guitar controller)