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Conceding: It's the American way

A couple of years ago Nancy Robinson, on the heels of a Republican mandate, 51 percent to 49 percent (What mandate?), shifted her party loyalty from the Democrats to the Republicans. At the time, she stated her switch was due to (and I am paraphrasing her) suddenly finding herself more in step with the Republican Party's agenda. Now, when one says one favors the Republican agenda , though some politics is local, loyalty is national among Republicans and Democrats, all being good Americans. That, to me, and probably others, was seen as a lack of integrity in Robinson.

We all know the Republican Party has more money. We all know they have a smaller tent. For a Democrat to pull off any win people must feel very upset with the powers that be. But, to be fair, Robinson did not specify the reasons for her switch. Pray tell us now what you feel more in step with in regard to the Republican agenda:

- Health care? More than a 30-percent increase in overall costs last year, and no help for the uninsured or overly-burdened insured by ceilings and co-pays and ... well, we all know the rest.

- Economy? If you are wealthy (what is that, exactly?), all is well. If you are middle-class, good luck. If you are at the poverty level, as one-sixth of our population is, pray they don't take Medicare, food stamps, etc., away. Illegal immigrant, low-labor wages are sucking the life out of America, even here in Hernando County. I don't care what ethnicity they are.

- Homeowners insurance: Now that is something of which the ruling party can be proud.

- Taxes: A small cut to the county property tax rate itself is greatly overcome by the exorbitant increase in property appraisals.

- Iraq: Hmmmm.

- Prescription drug costs: The plan for seniors cannot search out the best price for drugs, some have lost better coverage, and it is a gift to a few selected, in line, big-donor drug companies.

- Social Security: Privatization is the answer - if you are wealthy. There is that ambiguous word again. If you worked for a living to get a pension or Social Security, pray .

- The Terri Schiavo debacle: Another one Robinson and her party can be proud of.

You see, Mrs. Robinson, a lot of Democrats don't want you. But a lot of Republicans don't either. Why don't you do the American thing after losing an election and concede. Do it for your country, and maybe people will feel better about you next time.

One thing voters in this county don't need right now is another court-decided election with lawyers and kingpins running to and fro to make a mockery of our election process and us, the citizens.

This is the greatest country in the world, and we should all strive to keep the U.S. that way.

Tom Daniel, Spring Hill

In the end, losers will just lose again

Having reached the tender age of 81, having lived in Washington, D.C. for 19 years, having volunteered in the office of Congressman John W. McCormack for two years, having graduated from four colleges, having been married for 56 years, having had six children, having been retired from the U.S. Army as an officer and a civilian, I have become a cynic concerning the situation between Nancy Robinson and Rose Rocco.

I've read many letters to the editor, and it's easy to tell from whom they've been sent. The losers (those who voted for Robinson) don't want Rocco to be seated. The winners (those who voted for Rocco) wonder why so much fuss is being made over one short block - that's how far Rocco lived from the district she just moved into - one short block!

The losers say, "Obey the law!" Gee, I wish they would obey the law while I'm driving on Deltona, Northcliffe and Mariner boulevards. One short block and now several lawyers and a judge are involved. One short block that for a year was in the district until a Republican majority voted to move it one short block that just happened to include Rocco's house.

If, as the losers keep saying, the law is clear, then why are a judge and three lawyers involved? The answer is that the law is not crystal clear; that's why we need courts and judges and lawyers.

How will all this turn out? The losers will lose again - the winners will see Rocco finally seated as our commissioner, and Hernando County will again be the brunt of jokes and ridicule.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Nick Morana, Spring Hill