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Outlook Express files can be transferred

I am building a computer with XP Pro and Internet Explorer 6 with Outlook Express 6. I have an old computer with XP Home, Internet Explorer 6 and Outlook Express 6 installed. I need to move, copy, get some e-mail messages and pictures from the old computer to the new one. I can copy the address book and favorites, but I can't move these messages and pictures from the old. I have one monitor for connection, so it's difficult getting both computers running at once.

With a router-based network available, you can do simple copies from one machine to the other. Otherwise, you will have to copy the old data to some sort of media (CD, floppy, USB hard drive). Having only one monitor is not a problem. Working on your old PC, find your Outlook Express message store by going to (from within Outlook Express) Tools, Options, Maintenance tab, then click the Store Folder button. Copy the value you see to your paste buffer and click Start, Run, paste that value into the Run line and click OK. It will open Windows File Explorer in your Store Folder directory. The files ending in .DBX are your Outlook Express folders. Navigate up one folder (hit the up arrow on the File Explorer menu bar). You should be looking at the Outlook Express folder. Right-click this folder and select "Sharing and Security." Click "Share this Folder on the Network" and give it a share name. You can find the old PC's computer name by right-clicking My Computer, select Properties and click the Computer Name button. It will be under "Full computer name."

Disconnect the monitor (leave the PC on) and connect it to the new PC. On the new PC, click Start, Run, type: //old-pc-name/share-name (substitute your old PC's name and the share name you gave the Outlook Express folder in the earlier steps; include the slashes). This will open a Windows File Explorer window on your old PC; drag and drop the individual .DBX files into your new Outlook Express directory. If you have e-mails on the new system you don't want to lose, rename the old PC .DBX file to something unique before moving them. They will appear under this name in your Outlook Express. You may need to modify file-sharing settings on your firewall.

Of course, if you are not able to network the two PCs at the same time, you will need to store off these files to CD-R or USB hard drive.

I have tried to log on to and keep getting www.therock I'm asked to register, which I have not done. I can get to the kewadin site on another computer. I have downloaded defender and ad-aware in an attempt to get rid of therock site without luck.

Sounds as if the address is getting "hijacked." Make sure you have the latest Windows security updates ( and an updated antivirus and antispyware active on the PC that cannot access this site. Microsoft Defender is a good free alternative for antispyware (

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