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The Bucs' Jon Gruden

On the offensive struggles:

"We struggled, obviously. We dropped some passes, had some penalties and missed some throws. Pittsburgh's pretty good. Put that all together and we struggled."

On the pass protection:

"There were a couple of passes that we took sacks that we shouldn't have. There's no question about that. I don't think that stat sheet really represents how well some of the guys did. ... The Steelers are a tremendous defensive team in terms of all the things they do."

On his third losing season in four years:

"I'm sure that's well documented by now. The big thing is that we have work to do. It's obvious and we'll do the work."

The Steelers' Bill Cowher

On Bruce Gradkowski:

"He's a good football player. He's a good quarterback. We did a few things to him. I thought it was important to put some pressure on him and not let him sit back there. He scrambled a lot and made some plays."

On Tampa Bay kicking a field goal on the final play:

"I have so much respect for Jon Gruden. I understand it. I was in that same position last week (against Baltimore in a 27-0 loss). No one wants to be shut out in this league. That's obviously why you do that. You kick a field goal because you don't want to be shut out. I guess that's the thinking. It crossed my mind for a very, very brief second last week but not to the extent of making that decision."

On the Steelers' running game:

"I don't think we ran the ball particularly well today. Tampa has a good defense and they're very sound. It seems like it's taking us too long to get on track.''

On Ben Roethlisberger:

"I thought he was solid. On the first interception that he threw, he didn't see (Derrick) Brooks run underneath it. He's a great competitive guy, and I thought he played a very solid game."