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Published Dec. 6, 2006


An American Airlines flight from Washington to Dallas/Fort Worth made an emergency landing in Nashville on Monday due to a gas problem. The fuel system was fine. The plane landed after several passengers reporting the smell of burning matches, and the spent matches were found by a bomb-sniffing dog. Then the truth came out: A woman had lit the matches in an effort to conceal ... well, smells, emanating from her person. The flight was reboarded and went on to Dallas. But without the woman. "American has banned her for a long time," said Lynne Lowrance of the Nashville airport. The woman wasn't charged, but could have been. You can take matches on a flight, but you can't light them.

To sell milk, they exploit cookies

In five San Francisco bus shelters, there is olfactory advertising going on. When 5-year-old Gabby Supapo walked in, she said she smelled Oreos. Her mom, Ihrene, said the smell made her want to go to Starbucks. The smell being fanned out is actually that of chocolate chip cookies. So what are the ads for? They're from the California Milk Processor Board, and they were designed to get people to drink milk. They probably weren't thinking in terms of a grande latte, but they're probably not complaining. The aroma module costs about $30 per shelter and lasts about two weeks, depending on what smells it's competing with. Being San Francisco, there was a protest: Some complained that the ads would be offensive to those who couldn't afford cookies.


Man, fish have an odd relationship

Gary Hagues of Derbyshire, England, landed the heaviest carp ever caught. Fishing in Rainbow Lakes in France, he pulled in an 87-pound, 2-ounce monster. Funny thing was, he was on a vacation he won for setting a world record the previous year in the same lake ... by catching the same fish. Last year it was 83-pounds, 8-ounces. "It was as strong-willed as it was the year before," Hagues said. "Maybe it will get even bigger." Just name it, already.


Hey, that's mine!

- A woman in Scotland managed to wrest a knife away from a man who was attacking her and stabbed him in the legs several times, allowing her to escape. "She felt she was either going to be raped or murdered, or both, and began fighting back," prosecutor Adrian Cottam said. The woman was injured in the attack, but escaped. The judge is considering the laundry list of sex offenses against the man before deciding how big a book to throw at him.

- A carjacking in Nashville didn't go to well for the carjackers. The driver managed to get a gun away from one of the bad guys and the shooting started. At least 20 shots were fired and several houses were hit before the car crashed into a minivan.

Compiled from Times wires and other sources by staff writer Jim Webster.


"The federal government has a new citizenship test. They said the old test for immigrants is too outdated. Apparently, it was in English."

Jay Leno, host of The Tonight Show