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Don't forget elderly this season

Last year so many of your readers were so wonderful to our elderly residents here at Edinborough Healthcare Center. We received so many nice gifts for our forgotten senior citizens.

I would like to ask for your help again for warm clothing for our senior citizens who are forgotten at Christmas. There are so many charity events for children at Christmas, but not for our senior citizens who are in nursing homes and should be remembered at Christmas.

If you would like to help, please call me at (727) 641-9903 or (727) 733-4189.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Evelyn Frank, activities director, Edinborough Healthcare Center, Dunedin

Naming honor should transfer

I am really offended by the city of Clearwater.

As a city native, I grew up here playing soccer in the youth and club teams. I played soccer at St. Cecelia's School and Clearwater Central Catholic.

I was a teammate of David Martin, just 16 years old when killed in a tragic accident caused by a drunken driver on the Courtney Campbell Parkway one winter night in 1985.

His death finally led to the state's making the bridge safer.

Clearwater at that time chose to remember David by naming the Court Street soccer field after him. To me, it was an honor to play on that field.

So what did the city do? It destroyed that field for a drainage project. Did it rename the soccer complex across the street in honor of David? No. The city calls it Glen Oaks Park.

I guess the city doesn't keep its word, even to the youth of Clearwater. Nice job, guys!

James Raulerson, Clearwater

Is Mad Hatter in charge here?

When I started voting, we marked an X on a paper ballot. This was declared passe, old hat, antiquated, so we must join the modern age and move on to electronic voting.

Now it appears we must include a paper trail to provide backup proof to our voting record. A "paper trail"? Did I miss something here?

It would seem that we were all with Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole.

Charles A. Lyon, Clearwater

One major factor keeps him away

I read that the city of Clearwater is trying desperately to get people to come to the city.

Well, they can try all kinds of things to get people to come to town for affairs, and when they don't, blame it on the traffic as some might do.

But for my money, as long as the Scientologists are in downtown Clearwater and the vicinity, I will never come to Clearwater for any events. I feel like a living part of the twilight zone.

The city knows this, and yet they play dumb about it. So how can they look people in the face and say please come to our party but don't mind the scary part? I don't think so.

When the Scientologists go bye-bye, then normal people might drop in for a visit or a nice vacation.

Rob Gibson, Dunedin