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We need light rail, fuller bus service

I am writing this in reply to a number of editorials and articles that have been in the newspapers lately regarding the THE Bus. Some have said THE Bus is unnecessary and a burden on taxpayers. Others are farsighted enough to see the need for public transportation in Hernando County.

We are a growing community and, as such, we need to look to the future, as well as the here and now. We cannot keep building highways at exorbitant fees that crisscross our neighborhoods willy-nilly, destroying beautiful areas. As a community we need to stay connected with larger urban areas for jobs and shopping if we are to continue to have progress.

I believe we need a light rail line into Tampa for access into the greater metropolitan area. I also think THE Bus should run every half-hour for fuller service and until 8 p.m. A Saturday schedule would help those of us who work and need to get groceries. More, and alternate, routes eventually could be developed to connect us with Pasco County and the aforementioned light rail.

It has been brought up that THE Bus runs in the red. From everything I have read about public transportation systems in this country, most do. They depend on national funding and local tax support, just as THE Bus does.

Public transportation is an obligation that we all must provide for. It gives those of us who cannot drive a ride to our jobs, to medical care, shopping and to visit friends and relatives.

THE Bus is a necessity we must nurture and help to grow in a responsible manner to take care of our community's future.

Linda Simon, Brooksville

Speak out against Robinson's suit

Every voter needs to be concerned about what has happened with the recent Hernando County Commission election. This issue goes well beyond party lines. It goes beyond the legal interpretation of the law.

Nancy Robinson did not interpret the law in the same way when she was the one not living in the district at the time of the election. Rose Rocco had lived in the district and had run against Robinson in the district until Robinson spearheaded gerrymandering the district to put Rocco one block outside it.

Voters fired Robinson and elected Rocco. No amount of dirty politics is going to change those facts. No amount of costly litigation is going to change those facts either.

It's a pity that as voters, we need to legally defend our choice for commissioner. It's a pity the taxpayers also will bear costs of Robinson's lawsuit.

This issue speaks to much more than an election. Voters have been disenfranchised, and we all need to speak out - loudly. We need your letters, your phone calls and your voices.

Judy Lee, Weeki Wachee

Rocco won race illegally

In the battle between Rose Rocco and Nancy Robinson for the District 2 Hernando County Commission seat, I think it's time to save everyone legal fees. Robinson was a bona fide resident of the district for a long period. Rocco entered the contest knowing she was not a legal resident of District 2. She and her committee knew she had to be a legal resident of District 2 by Nov. 7.

If she were an honest politician/citizen, she would have withdrawn her win. However, she has come up with all sorts of excuses trying to validate an illegal win.

I'm sorry, but the state law applies to everyone, not just selective hacks.

Ms. Rocco apparently feels the law doesn't apply to her or she would, under the existing situation, have been honest enough to withdraw her illegal win and offer her congratulations to Ms. Robinson, who abided by the law.

John Henault, Brooksville