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Bonus plan calls for teachers' plan

Re: Teacher bonus plan advances, Dec. 4 Times:

According to the article, both the Hernando County School District and the teachers believe the new plan is a terrible idea. However, typical of Tallahassee insight, you must use the money or lose it.

It seems this would be an ideal place for the teachers association to come up with a plan. How about this: Teachers sign a pledge to pool any money gained through this ridiculous law. It is then distributed as a year-end bonus to all teachers. Since the FCAT program is a team effort, the entire school should benefit.

Teachers with ESE students and teachers of non-tested topics work just as hard as others to ensure students receive a well-rounded education.

John Seevers, Spring Hill

Future of county depends on unity

I have been a Republican and a strong campaigner for my party for a number of years and have been an active voter all of my life. This latest fiasco with Nancy Robinson and Rose Rocco has me angry and disappointed.

I have been a supporter and friend of Robinson, but no more. The voters have spoken, Nancy! How dare you try to take that right away from us!

Could Robinson's true motivation be all about the money she will now lose, to the tune of more than $200,000 over the four-year term, not to mention the boost in her state pension if she served another four years?

The time has come for Robinson to move on and drop the lawsuit now. This fiasco has left such a sour taste in my mouth that I find it necessary to change my party affiliation to Democrat.

I am equally disappointed and angry at the remarks Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite made to the media in the days after the election, in which she attacked the Muslims with her bigotry and hate. For someone elected by the people, she has let them down in an irreversible way with her hateful statements.

I have been a supporter of Brown-Waite, but no more. She doesn't deserve the office she holds and should resign. Bigotry and hate have no place in our society today and it is sad she stooped so low as to make her announcement after she was elected. What a blatant disrespect she has shown the voters.

It is time for Hernando County to join together in harmony and work together for the betterment of our county. It is time for the political indifference to end and the people of Hernando County, whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or have no party affiliation, to join together to end bigotry within our county before it destroys our beautiful Nature Coast.

Rachael Rodriguez, Spring Hill

Check paper trail on her residency

As a resident of the county, I find this whole situation puzzling. The simplest solution is not with high-powered lawyers, or the insiders and outsiders, or even the judges who have to go through this process. What this boils down to is one simple solution, which goes to the Supervisor of Elections, who, from what I have seen in the past, is a true professional.

If and where did Rose Rocco vote? (Voter registration states party, district, and precinct.) If she voted early, check where and when. If she voted absentee, check against voter registration and other requirements.

So, if Ms. Rocco voted, it would establish where she resided at the time of election and was verified by the Supervisor of Elections. Simple, isn't it?

A better way would have been a normal check by the supervisor's office at the time of filing, to see if a candidate meets the requirements at the time.

I am neither a supporter of Nancy Robinson nor of Ms. Rocco, but I believe a simple solution should be found soon. Ms. Robinson's term has ended and no automatic seat should be made available, but with the possibility of a special ballot in February for an extension to the previous term ending in the fall, with new elections and seat availability in 2007 and beyond.

Michael Alexander, Weeki Wachee

Voters spoke: We want a change

As county commissioner, Rose Rocco will serve the whole county, not just District 2.

She was in her district in the past when she ran. She never moved out of her district, the county changed the lines. She asked for advice from County Attorney Garth Coller. She was willing to and had moved. She didn't ask for any exceptions to be made. She's buying a house, not renting a place.

If this was such a big deal, why wasn't it brought up before the election? The county allowed Rocco to run in District 2 and allowed all of us to vote for her.

Now Nancy Robinson is basically telling us our votes don't count, and our opinion doesn't mean anything. If it wasn't Rocco who ran against Robinson and had been someone else, I feel the results would have been the same.

The voters have spoken; we want change. We want Rose Rocco in the County Commission seat. And even more so, we want Nancy Robinson out.

Millie Batten, Spring Lake

Delay is needed for Hickory Hill

I am in full agreement that a 60-day delay on the Hickory Hill subdivision decision should be granted by the Board of County Commissioners. More time to review the material makes sense for everyone.

At one time, I was against this project because I thought it was just another development. After thoroughly reviewing Sierra Properties' application and proposal, as well as attending community meetings, I now stand in support of this quality and thoughtful development.

It is important for residents and commissioners to have enough time to review the material on this project. I support Sierra Properties' request for a continuance.

Susan Larberg, Spring Lake


The biennial general election is the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. Jeff Webb's Dec. 3 column, Reminders will stay long after battle ends, was not clear on that point.