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The following minireviews are written by Times critics for movies showing this weekend at theaters in the Tampa Bay area. Consult Movie Times for theaters and showtimes.

New this week

Apocalypto A

(R) (140 min.) Director Mel Gibson transforms a warrior's vengeful journey through the collapsing Mayan empire into breathtaking cinema. Shown with English subtitles. Graphic violence, sexual situations, native nudity.

Blood Diamond B

(R) (145 min.) South African mercenary (Leonardo DiCaprio) seeks a rare gem, hidden by a farmer (Djimon Hounsou) to protect his family. Strong violence, profanity.

Cocaine Cowboys

(R) (116 min.) Documentary account of the cocaine industry's rise in Miami during the 1980s. Pervasive drug content, gruesome images, strong profanity.

Driving Lessons

(PG-13) (98 min.) Teenager (Rupert Grint) escapes his harsh mother (Laura Linney) by working for an aging, eccentric actor (Julie Walters). Profanity, sexual situations, mature themes.

The Holiday C-

(PG-13) (138 min.) Lovelorn women (Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet) swap houses for the holidays, each finding romance. Jude Law and Jack Black co-star. Profanity, sexual situations.

Unaccompanied Minors B-

(PG) (82 min.) Children trapped without parents in a snowbound airport befriend an employee (Wilmer Valderrama). Brief rude, crude language.


Babel B+

(R) (142 min.) An American couple (Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett) in Morocco are linked to crises around the world. Shown with English subtitles for five languages. Profanity, violence, frontal nudity, mature themes.

Bobby C

(R) (120 min.) The day Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated is trivialized by writer-director Emilio Estevez's focus on fictional melodrama. Strong profanity, drug abuse, sexual situations, brief violence.

Borat B

(R) (82 min.) Faux documentary about a Kazakhstan TV reporter (Sacha Baron Cohen) offending as many Americans as possible. Pervasive strong crude and prejudicial humor, harsh profanity, frontal nudity, sexual situations, alcohol abuse.

Casino Royale B

(PG-13) (144 min.) Daniel Craig reinvents the James Bond mystique during a violent mission to stop terrorist funding through high-stakes poker. Intense violence, including torture, sexual situations, profanity, nudity.

Deck the Halls D

(PG) (95 min.) Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito play feuding neighbors one-upping each other with holiday decorations. Crude humor, brief language.

Deja Vu C+

(PG-13) (128 min.) Federal agent (Denzel Washington) travels backward in time to investigate a terrorist attack in New Orleans. Intense violence, disturbing images, sensuality and profanity.

The Departed A

(R) (149 min.) An undercover policeman (Leonardo DiCaprio) matches wits with a mobster (Jack Nicholson) who has an informant (Matt Damon) inside the police department. Directed by Martin Scorsese. Brutal violence, pervasive profanity, strong sexual content, drug content.

Flags of Our Fathers A

(R) (132 min.) Director Clint Eastwood creates a battlefield epic and an emotional minefield from the true story of the famed Iwo Jima flag-raising photograph. Graphic carnage and violence, harsh profanity.

Flushed Away B-

(PG) (84 min.) A domesticated mouse (voice of Hugh Jackman) goes down the toilet to underground London where he finds romance and danger. Crude humor.

For Your Consideration C

(PG-13) (86 min.) Christopher Guest (Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show) mocks the egos of filmmakers. Profanity, sexual references.

The Fountain B-

(PG-13) (96 min.) A medical researcher, a Spanish conquistador and a space oddity (each played by Hugh Jackman) inhabit a confounding drama of love after death. Violence, profanity, sensuality.

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

(R) (120 min.) Nicole Kidman portrays the famed photographer of unusual personalities, such as her extremely hirsute neighbor (Robert Downey Jr.). Graphic nudity, sexuality, profanity.

A Good Year B+

(PG-13) (118 min.) A London stockbroker (Russell Crowe) inherits his beloved uncle's vineyard in France. Albert Finney and Marion Cotillard co-star. Profanity, sexual situations.

Happy Feet C+

(PG) (98 min.) Animated yarn about a penguin who can't sing for a mate but can tap dance. Robin Williams, Elijah Wood and Hugh Jackman are among the celebrity voices. Rude humor, mild peril.

Jackass: Number Two

(R) (95 min.) Johnny Knoxville and his merry band of masochists are back for another assortment of gross and dangerous stunts. Harsh profanity, sexuality and nudity.

Jesus Camp B+

(PG-13) (84 min.) Documentary account of a summer camp for evangelical Christian children, where church and state become uneasily mixed. Mature themes.

Let's Go to Prison

(R) (90 min.) An ex-convict (Dax Shepard) willingly returns to jail to torment the wrongfully imprisoned son (Will Arnett) of a judge. Harsh language, strong sexual humor, violence, drug content.

Man of the Year D+

(PG-13) (115 min.) Political satirist (Robin Williams) decides to run for U.S. president. His campaign includes profanity, crude sexual references, drug-related material and brief violence.

The Nativity Story B

(PG) (101 min.) The virgin Mary (Keisha Castle-Hughes) and husband Joseph (Oscar Isaac) give birth to baby Jesus in a reverent retelling. Brief violence, mature themes.

Open Season B

(PG) (99 min.) Trained grizzly bear (voice of Martin Lawrence) is left to survive in the wild with a mule deer (Ashton Kutcher) in this animated comedy. Crude humor.

The Queen B+

(PG-13) (97 min.) Queen Elizabeth (Helen Mirren) avoids publicly grieving after the death of Princess Diana, until Tony Blair (Michael Sheen) persuades her. Profanity, mature themes.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

(G) (90 min.) A suburban dad (Tim Allen) continues his double life as St. Nick, facing off with mean Jack Frost (Martin Short). Mild crude humor.


(R) (107 min.) The madman known as Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) has a few more stomach-turning tricks up his sleeve. Grisly violence and gore, graphic torture, nudity, strong profanity.

Shut Up and Sing B-

(R) (93 min.) Documentary account of the Dixie Chicks' 2003 concert tour when lead singer Natalie Maines made disparaging remarks about President Bush, kicking off a political firestorm. Strong profanity, mature themes.

Stranger Than Fiction A

(PG-13) (113 min.) A timid IRS agent (Will Ferrell) discovers an author (Emma Thompson) is writing his life and possible death. Profanity, brief sexual situations, disturbing images.

Turistas D

(R) (90 min.) Vacationers in Brazil are trapped by a mad surgeon harvesting internal organs. Violence, disturbing images, profanity, sexuality, nudity.

Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj

(R) (95 min.) A college playboy's apprentice (Kal Penn) transfers to an English university to corrupt classmates. Crude sexual content, nudity, profanity.