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Re: Florida elbows in

Who are we kidding? The college football national championship has been played and Ohio State won by three points. What will be played on Jan. 8 is the BS Bowl. You can drop the "C" in the middle. Let's face it, when the Gators were on television after the announcement they were going to the national title game, you could see only fear and a glazed look in their eyes.

Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for. You might get it. Florida will be fortunate if it gets out of that game with less than a 30-point loss.

Norman P. Peterson, Clearwater

Subject: Lightning

Let's face it, sports is a business first, and the Tampa Bay Lightning has multiple personnel and performance problems.

The solution? Simple. Lose Ruslan Fedotenko, Andreas Karlsson, Marc Denis, Luke Richardson and Dmitry Afanasenkov. They've demonstrated quite clearly through the first quarter of the season that they lack skill, speed and savvy to compete in the new NHL.

If I did my job like they played hockey, I'd be looking for work tomorrow.

Tom McQueen, Palm Harbor

Subject: Michigan

As a Michigan fan, I resent the articles your sports writer (Tom Jones) has been writing about the team and coach Lloyd Carr. You had Carr as the biggest whiner when all along you were whining when you wrote the article. Michigan did deserve a rematch with Ohio State, and your paper can write all it wants about Michigan, but I am sure Michigan would have beaten Ohio State in a rematch. I will never understand why the coaches voted against such a great team. They surely don't deserve to be dropped to No. 3.

Let's see who wins the title. I am going to root for Ohio State and look forward to the Rose Bowl with Michigan and USC and will not whine if Michigan loses. That's a good sport. I am not a youngster but a female who is 72 years old. Love that Michigan team. ... Go Blue!

A.J. Scholz, via e-mail

Our two cents

Why, exactly, do we have to wait a month for the BCS national title game? Think about it. How rusty will Ohio State and Florida be when the game finally arrives? The problem isn't college football season ends too late. It's that it starts too early. This season started Aug. 31. The Gators played five games by the end of September. Our idea? Move the season back two weeks and play the national title game no later than Jan. 2.


Jim Mora has left his job with Fox Sports Radio over remarks he made about Falcons QB Michael Vick. On air, the former coach said Vick wasn't a good enough passer to lead an NFL team. He also agreed with comments that Vick was a "coach killer.'' Seeing as how Vick's coach is Mora's son (Jim Jr.), you can understand the problem.


Former NHLer Brett Hull, who never met a microphone he didn't like, has been hired by NBC to be an in-studio analyst for its broadcasts, which start Jan. 13. NBC said it likes Hull's "shoot-from-the-hip'' style. Let's hope he doesn't turn soft when it comes to ripping his old playing buddies. He needs to follow Charles Barkley's lead.