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If you have tickets for the Berlin production of Mozart's Idomeneo, there are more problems. You may recall that the show was canceled while officials decided what to do about the disembodied Mohammed head that makes a cameo appearance. Finally, they decided to go on with the show, but now that that's about to happen, they've lost their heads: specifically, the heads of Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha and Neptune. "We can't find the heads at the moment, but that doesn't mean they have been stolen," said spokesman Alexander Busche. "Either they will show up, or we will have new ones made." The next performance is scheduled for Dec. 18, and Busche says the show will go on. One way or another.

Time to order some more toilet paper

Someone at the police station in Hagfors, Sweden, needs to run out and buy toilet paper. That's something they haven't had to do since 1986. Seems that back then, someone accidentally ordered "pallets" of supplies instead of "packets." Big difference. When the truck arrived, the police chief tried to send most of it back, but was told that would be more expensive than keeping it. So they unloaded it. And filled 12 garages. For 20 years, they've sent toilet paper and other supplies from that delivery to neighboring police stations. But on Thursday, the last roll was installed. Which brings the question: Did the paper still perform well after so long? "Oh yes, there was nothing wrong with it. It was single sheet, and double would have been nice. But overall it was fine," said station chief Bjorn Fredlund.


New York gets one big air freshener

New York City, apparently unaware of the big chocolate chip cookie aroma flap in San Francisco, got a new scent for the holidays on Friday. A truck with a small keg-like device drove around a 20-block area misting out the smells of the holiday season, which means mostly pine. The scent was expected to cover as much as half a block and last about a minute per puff and was dispersed by a company that was in town demonstrating new marketing opportunities at a trade show. People in San Francisco just made "Got Milk" dump a campaign that puffed the smell of cookies into bus stops for fear it would upset people who couldn't afford cookies.

Keep an eye on those two guys

Two teenagers in Connecticut were arrested on drug charges this week. That's not really funny. Police say the teens were driving erratically, so they pulled them over and found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the car. Hmmmm, not funny either. They were arrested and released on $100 bail. Okay, why is this item even here? Because their names were Gregory Weed and Timothy Weed.

Compiled from Times wires and other sources by staff writer Jim Webster.


"The World Chess Federation announced plans to conduct drug testing. In case you're wondering what drug they're testing for, it's the one that makes you so high, you think chess is a sport."

Seth Meyers, Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live