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Sentence is life for 2 killings with a pickup

A 72-year-old man received two consecutive life sentences plus 50 more years for running over his ex-wife and her mother with his pickup and then trying to kill rescue workers.

Circuit Judge Ron Swanson sentenced Carl Bryan - who pleaded no contest to first-degree murder - on Friday after the state decided not seek the death penalty because Bryan was deemed mentally ill.

Bryan ran over his ex-wife, Becky Ann Langford, 59, and her mother, Queen Victoria Franklin, 84, early on March 14, 2004.

Just past midnight, he crashed his truck into Langford's bedroom. Then, as Langford and her mother left the other side of the house, he ran them down and killed them.

He also tried to run down paramedics and firefighters at the scene.

Langford and Bryan were married in October 1998 and separated in December 2001. Their divorce was final in March 2003.

Before the sentencing, relatives of the two women tearfully asked Swanson to sentence Bryan to life.

Initially, Bryan was found not to be competent for trial. He received treatment at a state mental hospital in Chattahoochee for a little more than 18 months before state experts deemed him fit for trial.