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The Devil Rays traded for a reserve infielder (Brendan Harris) with a lifetime .209 average and Andrew Friedman says "We've had our eye on him for quite a while." The Rays have done nothing to improve the team this off-season. Another last-place, 100-loss season is a lock. Now that Baltimore has improved somewhat, there is no chance this team will be competitive. This ownership is a disgrace and an insult to the good people of Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers and Lightning have proven that a good ownership that puts a winner or a competitive team on the field will draw sellout crowds. Wonder who else Friedman has his eye on?

Frank Ferreri, New Port Richey

The answer to why Notre Dame has lost nine straight bowl games is obvious. (The Irish) have no business playing in the big bowl games in which they get invited. I know, they travel well and they get great TV ratings. Why? Because of all of the wannabes that root for Notre Dame because of the ancient past of the program. In the past 26 years, BYU has won as many championships as the almighty Irish. If Notre Dame played in bowl games before New Year's Day, which is where it belongs, it would probably win a bowl game. Or at least not get embarrassed.

Troy Krotz, Belleair Bluffs

Movies or game?

So you want to take your date to the game. Your date wants to go to the movies. Some Canadians are figuring out a way to do both at the same time. Thursday night's Maple Leafs-Bruins game at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston was shown live at 25 Cineplex Entertainment theaters in Canada. The theater chain is showing 48 NHL games this season in five Canadian cities with all of the country's teams represented except the Canadiens. A ticket is $12 (Canadian), $4 more than a movie, but nearly $12 less than the cheapest ticket to a Maple Leafs game.

Other voices

The punctuation on the Nick Saban Error is greasy and greedy. You know what he was as Dolphins coach? A failure. A loser. A gasbag. And one of the worst investments Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga has ever made. He was less of a success than Dave Wannstedt and more of a traitor than Ricky Williams. There has been very little in franchise history that came with more expectations and fewer results than this hypocrite who at the end avoided the hard questions one last time. Talk like a warrior. Behave like a weasel.

Maybe Saban would be better off in college. Because, in the pros the last few days, he has looked like a complete and utter amateur.

He will be remembered in these parts as a quitter and a liar. He leaves the franchise in last place, with what used to be his good name somehow far lower than that. And for this he'll get a $25-million raise and more job security in Alabama.

Dan Le Batard, Miami Herald

Sports arrest of the day

HBO boxing announcer Jim Lampley, right, was arrested late Wednesday by San Diego County sheriff's deputies on suspicion of domestic violence and other counts. Lampley, 57, also is suspected of violating a restraining order and dissuading a witness.

Thought of the day

If you're an NFL owner looking for a new coach, don't you now have reservations about hiring a college coach considering what just happened with the Dolphins and Nick Saban? Maybe Pete Carroll, who has been wildly successful at USC but not such a big deal in the pros, won't be the hot candidate in the offseason after all.

Fake headline of the day

Tony Romo Downgraded To Second Greatest Quarterback Of All Time