Published Feb. 1, 2007|Updated Feb. 1, 2007

A woman claims she found a razor blade in her McDonald's breakfast sandwich early Wednesday. Carolyn Bovey, 54, who was not injured, said she ordered the sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin in the drive-through of a McDonald's in Bradenton and found the blade in the eggs after biting into it at work, according to a police report. A store manager told authorities that the restaurant uses razor blades, but it was unclear if they were the same type Bovey says she found.


Farmworkers sue Ag-Mart Produce

More than 170 farmworkers have sued Ag-Mart Produce Inc., one of the state's largest vegetable growers, claiming the company altered records to avoid paying them for the hours they worked. The farmworkers, all migrants from Mexico, are seeking class action status on behalf of 3,000 Mexican and Central American workers who have picked tomatoes for the company, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court Friday.


Couple accused of blackmail attempt

A couple who worked for Grammy-winning Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz face extortion and theft charges stemming from an alleged blackmail attempt, according to court records. Carlos Gonzalez, 36, and Sylvia Helena Alzate, 47, worked at Sanz's home. According to Miami-Dade County investigators, Gonzalez resigned and stole a laptop computer, videos and photographs. On Dec. 5, another Sanz employee got a call saying that "certain information" would be released to the Spanish media unless Gonzalez was paid $500,000. About a week later, Sanz acknowledged that he has a 3-year-old son from a previously undisclosed relationship.