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Published Feb. 4, 2008

They have to start somewhere.

Before they become Zubens, Dempseys, Murphys and Coddingtons. Before their names are all over, PBA point rankings and the weekly box score. Before they throw their first 300, 800 or 900, they have to start with a 200 game, a 600 series and averages equal to their height in inches.

Much of youth bowling is done at Seminole.

Over the past few weeks, Seminole Lane's Saturday morning youth leagues have brought down the house and the personal record books.

John Hollis walked into the Troy Carlson league as usual two weeks ago and fired a 616 with games of 205, 192 and 219 to finish. It was his first 600. The feeling lingered until the next weekend, last week, when Hollis walked in more confident than usual and toppled his previous mark by more than 40 pins. He scored a 657 with full frames of 222, 202 and 233, again finishing with his best game.

At Seminole, it is not uncommon to see bowlers and their families celebrate a first. Doug Livingston also rolled his first 600 that weekend, chalking up rounds of 203, 225 and 178 for a 606 series. Jeff Campbell saw his name next to a 700 for the first time, alongside games of 245, 225 and 256 for 726.

Steven Peacock went 269 in the first game, a little better 279 in the second and a smooth 257 in the end for an 805 total. And this was not his first 800. Peacock put that notch in his belt a year ago.

More outstanding scores are below with averages in parenthesis, but before you look, think about where you were when you first bowled that great score. Remember your friends, your family, the old center, the feeling? That's where it starts.

Youth Adult: Tyler Scoles 247, Zach Rivera 253, Duke Crouch (64) 110. Short Timers League: David Hughes (58) 130. High Rollers: Josh Best (111) 203, Jacob Pierce (128) 202, Robbie Hower 246, Mike Mikler 213-213/584. Joshua Barraglia 225/619, Jacob Dever (142) 214. Troy Carlson Scratch: Adam Zbyszinski 278/677, David Dull 210-218-240/668, Alex Watkins 256, Dexter Martins 258/684, Tiffany Fortunato 210, Brooke MacKenzie 229, Heather Janson 245, Alex O'Neill 233, Adam Gentile 232, Joshua Cameron 247, Greg Krug 232, Tyler Scoles 234. Troy Carlson Handicap: Jesse Cleland (91) 189, Dylan Zamminer (153) 205.

SPBA: Entry into the St. Petersburg Bowling Association's 70th annual City Tournament is available but bowling begins tomorrow and continues next weekend at Liberty. Office manager and local bowling idol Bill Zuben, Don Hamilton and Don Vauiso have just returned from the USBC National Convention in Nashville, and the SPBA will be holding its delegates meeting on May 5 at Tropicana Field.

The Devil Rays will take on the Oakland A's, last year's city and senior tournament winners will be honored and a new board of directors will be elected - all under the dome for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. The meeting is open to all USBC-SPBA members. The association is selling tickets for $8 each or $20 for five with no limit. Check or call Liberty at (727) 3947 for details on the tournament.

CHATTER: Tarpon junior bowler Paulie Hagerman led the TLJB last week with 245-234-224 for 703 in the majors league. Keith Glasgow's 856 (reported two weeks ago) got all of Liberty up and going as 800s were thrown by both Bob Willard and Bill Burke Jr. Willard bowled an 826 and 279 game and Burke was perfect with a 300 during his 820 in the Mixers league. Glasgow was honored with a 289/725 at Liberty and a 299/785 at Sunrise.

Three hundreds also came in from Sam McClendon and Glenn Woodside at Liberty, Tim Dunbar and Braden McCombs at Sunrise, and Stacy Coats at Seminole, Twedt's Jeff Bennett (744), and county prep standout Joe May (747) at Countryside. Clay Hatfield had a 300 during his 824 in Sunrise's Funtime Mixed and Commercial league bowler Mike Bongornio went there too with a 289/826. Seminole's Phyllis Berggren carried way past her 155 average for a 232/615.