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Teen faces charges of domestic assault, battery July 20 story

This is the third time in as many years I have read of a teenager or preteen that is so mentally unbalanced and destructive that their family or caregiver is afraid of them.

This teen and the others exactly like him will never be a productive, contributing member of society.

They will always be a threat to the life of humans, animals and possibly themselves. They are a drain on our finances (taxes) and social services with nothing received in return.

The law charges the adult with negligence for protecting themselves against the homicidal child!

If this kid were a rabid animal he would be humanely euthanized for the sake of society at large. I respectfully urge the same solution for this case and the others like it. There is absolutely no reason this out-of-control, brutal tormenter should be allowed to roam free, while others must pay for the care and put up with his loathsome behavior.

Give him the injection he so direly needs. Let's not forget what he gave his loving parents - besides the threats of stabbing them to death in their sleep: bruises, cuts, sprains, misaligned jaw, head punches and head kicks.

At 15, he has already proven he has nothing to contribute except fear, hate, selfishness, pain and misery.

Carmen Blakely, Lutz

Hats off to all our great schools here

The recent announcement of school grades by the Florida Department of Education showed once again that Pasco County is on its way to being one of the greatest places to live and raise a child in the state. Amazing strides have been accomplished by our district, School Board, and the many teachers and administrators who have worked so hard for our children. Education is the basic foundation for all success. It is clear to see that we will have a bright future as we continue on this path.

I am honored to be a state representative during this great time of advancements for Pasco County. I will continue to stand with the great administrators, principals and teachers who are striving to put excellence in our education system. We have set high goals for our schools in Pasco County, as we should. I am proud to live a community where education is a priority and our test scores reflect that.

Will Weatherford

State representative, District 61, Wesley Chapel

Bravo, Dayspring, for job well done

Despite all the negative attention of a few charter schools, one charter school is both fiscally sound and academically awesome. Every year a lottery is held to choose who will be lucky enough to attend. Dayspring Academy students rank at or near the top in basically every academic category. The teachers and administration are fantastic and the enthusiasm they all exhibit is unbelievable.

The staff is on a mission to provide a great education in a loving, caring environment. Parents often volunteer and everyone feels as if Dayspring Academy is "their" school.

Thank you to all the teachers, administrators and volunteers who make Dayspring awesome!

Jeff Lucas, New Port Richey

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