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Family guy creator Seth Macfarlane must be a tad jealous about all the mania surrounding the Simpsons movie. He's saying his animated series may hit the big screen as well. The Hollywood reporter quotes Macfarlane as saying a movie has been planned for a while, but there's no story, no script and no studio push to do such a thing. Why even bring it up, then? Because he started by talking about reviving his short-lived and barely remembered (for good reason) sitcom from last season, the winner, which starred

Robb Corddry. "We have been trying to figure out how to do (a movie) and the series at the same time without the series suffering," MacFarlane said, adding that a quality story is hard to come by. "I don't want to do 'The Griffins must save the world.' "

Another voice for King memorial

Queen Latifah is joining a concert to raise money for a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial to be built on the National Mall in Washington, the Associated Press reports. Garth Brooks and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds will also be added to the slate of previously announced performers, including Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Carlos Santana and special presenter Al Roker. The Dream Concert, as it's called, will be Sept. 18 at Radio City Music Hall in New York. It's being organized by Quincy Jones, Russell Simmons and Tommy Hilfiger, who together have helped raise $81-million of the $100-million needed to build and maintain the memorial. To get that last bit of cash, they're charging $250 to $1,000 for tickets to the show, on sale through Ticketmaster on July 30.

'Roughing it' with a side of pancakes

If you've been thrilling to the exploits of Bear Grylls on his Discovery Channel show, Man vs. Wild, prepare yourself for a shock: It's possible he's not really living off snake heads and building his own gear from twigs and leaves. The Times of London reports on a TV station investigation into the show (known as Born Survivor across the pond), looking into claims that Grylls really isn't roughing it. The paper reports that an episode in which he was on a desert island was actually a part of Hawaii, and he spent at least some nights in California's Sierra Nevada at a resort that served blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Another episode features a raft that may have been built by an expert for the show and "finding" wild horses that were trucked in from a ranch. "Born Survivor is not an observational documentary series but a 'how to' guide to basic survival techniques in extreme environments," a spokeswoman for Britain's Channel 4 said in response. "The program explicitly does not claim that presenter Bear Grylls' experience is one of unaided solo survival."