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If you didn't get Saturday's pay-per-view fight between St. Petersburg's Winky Wright and Bernard Hopkins, you can watch a replay Saturday night on HBO. HBO's Boxing After Dark is carrying live the bout between junior middleweights Vernon Forrest and Carlos Baldomir. The broadcast begins at 10:15 p.m. Before or after that fight will be the replay of Hopkins' unanimous decision victory.

Review of the day

ESPN's miniseries The Bronx is Burning, about the 1977 New York Yankees, has been somewhat entertaining. But whether or not it is even close to factual is another matter. Mets manager Willie Randolph, who played second base on that Yankees team, told the Newark Star-Ledger, "I know they have to dramatize things, but they don't even bother to consult the guys who were there."

Number of the day

639,628 People who attended 16 major-league baseball games Saturday, making it the second-largest single-day attendance in league history behind July 3, 1999, when 640,412 fans attended 17 games. Five teams - the Braves, Cubs, Brewers, Tigers and Red Sox - actually drew more fans than their official capacity.

Pit stop of the day

Cyclists in the Tour de France often race for as long as six hours a day. Which leads to the question: Do they ever go to the bathroom?

Of course. But that can get you in trouble. Through the first 12 stages of the Tour, 10 riders were cited for going in the wrong places and were fined the equivalent of about $83. Dave Zabriskie was fined and admitted you can't have cyclists going to the bathroom in front of spectators, but he told the Associated Press, "The problem is ... it's hard to find a stretch of road with nobody on it."

Usually, cyclists team up to take scheduled pit stops, but sometimes the race just doesn't allow riders to stop.

"What's really stressful is when you have to go from the bike," Zabriskie said.

Cyclists ride sideways on the bike while a teammate holds the handlebars, all while making sure of one thing - he is downwind.

Your two cents

Yikes, Devil Rays fans woke up in a sour mood Monday morning after the Rays were outscored 45-12 in three straight losses to the Yankees during the weekend, including a 21-4 loss Sunday. A sampling of their thoughts:

Embarrassing. No, embarrassing was Saturday's doubleheader. Sunday was humiliating. Welcome Tampa Bay's professional Donkey Softball team. Or is it the "over 21" T-ball squad? Remember when the Lightning was the "Frightening"? And the Bucs were the "Yucks"? Now greet the Tampa Bay "Haze."

You can't make this stuff up.

The bullpen is a collection of clowns.

But look on the bright side ... like Joe Maddon does. What a great time to be a D-Rays fan. These guys really make us proud, don't they?!

Marc Worthington

via e-mail

To Times beat writer Marc Topkin.

First of all, my sympathy to you for having to cover the Rays' three wipeouts by the Yankees. Boy, you should get hazardous duty pay for that! But I have a question. In addition to a pitching staff that is pitiful, to put it kindly, could another reason for their disastrous showing against the Bronx Bombers be that New York is such a good party town?

Bill Rogers


Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Help wanted: Pitchers.

Chuckers and batting practice pitchers need not apply, we have plenty.

Bob Lacourse


The list

TNT's Ernie Johnson tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution five things Tiger Woods will learn about fatherhood.

1 After changing diapers for a month or two, he'll have a whole new definition of hazard.

2 Will soon find out that "gimme" is a command, not a tap-in.

3 After giving countless players sleepless nights, he'll find out what that's like.

4 Baby daughters scoff at mental toughness.

5 It's the green jacket, claret jug, U.S. Open and Wanamaker trophies all in one.