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Jason Mahr's accomplishment last weekend exceeded what anyone could have imagined for the local entering the 19th annual Spring Hill PBA Southern Regional, but he wasn't the only area bowler to catch attention.

Patrick Allen, who recently moved to Wesley Chapel, was the other finalist, losing to Mahr in the final game 222-202. When Allen had trouble carrying strike after strike, Mahr was quick to take advantage.

"This is one of the liveliest crowds I've ever seen for a regional tournament," Allen said after the final. "I've had a lot fun competing against these guys, and hopefully I can make it back to have that same fun next year."

Among the final eight in the event, two others were from the area. Tom Daugherty, last season's champion, also lives in Wesley Chapel, while Walter Ray Williams Jr., who finished third overall, competes out of Ocala. The all-time PBA national wins record holder, Williams lost in a semifinal to Allen.

While the amounts were dwarfed by Mahr's prize of $3,000, Allen and Williams took home $1,500 and $1,000, respectively. Daugherty took seventh place in his title defense, winning $700.

PRO-AM FUN: Mahr wasn't the only local who got some big thrills when the pros came to town. Other amateurs, most of whom can only dream of competing on the same level as greats like Williams, Allen, Ritchie Allen and Ken Simard, teamed up with those stars during the Pro-Am No-Tap Tournament on Friday.

Jay Olsen, one of the top locals, came out on top. He finished with a 711 series, the second-highest scratch total behind Jimmy Hearl for the event. Olsen's pros tossed a combined 823 to give Olsen a two-pin victory.


High Scratch Series (Male)

Jim Jobin, 756, Monday Men's Trio, Spring Hill Lanes; Doug Bolander, 731, Friday Combo, Mariner Lanes; Larry Wagner, 729, Monday Men's Trio, Spring Hill Lanes; Bob Miller, 717, Youth/Adult, Spring Hill Lanes; Andrew Bolander, 716, Friday Combo, Mariner Lanes

High Scratch Game (Male)

Larry Malone, 299, Monday Men's Trio, Spring Hill Lanes; Larry Wagner, 289, Monday Men's Trio, Spring Hill Lanes; Jim Jobin, 279, Monday Men's Trio, Spring Hill Lanes; Paul Kostuck, 268, Summer Metro, Mariner Lanes; Johnny Zuidema III, 267, PBA Pro Shot, Spring Hill Lanes; Kevin Williams, 267, PBA Pro Shot, Spring Hill Lanes; Andrew Bolander, 267, Friday Combo, Mariner Lanes; Bob Miller, 267, Youth/Adult, Spring Hill; Mike Davidson, 267, Youth/Adult, Spring Hill Lanes

High Scratch Series (Female)

April Trezise, 619, Youth/Adult, Spring Hill Lanes; Rhonda Carpenter, 610, Seacreatures, Mariner Lanes; Rachel Vicari, 605, Friday Combo, Mariner Lanes; Teresa Clark, 575, Have A Ball, Spring Hill Lanes; Michelle Spencer, 553, Road Runners, Spring Hill Lanes

High Scratch Game (Female)

Rachel Vicari, 231, Friday Combo, Mariner Lanes; April Trezise, 227, Youth/Adult, Spring Hill Lanes; April Trezise, 222, Youth/Adult, Spring Hill Lanes; Teresa Clark, 222, Have A Ball, Spring Hill Lanes; Carol Bien, 220, Belles & Beaus, Spring Hill Lanes