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Re: Stanton's former secretary is fired - July 24, story

Once again the city of Largo has demonstrated its sterling treatment of its employees. After 33 years of service, Mrs. Brenda Francisco has been unceremoniously told to leave due to new City Manager Norton "Mac" Craig needing a secretary of his own choosing.

Then, to further the classless and shameless efforts of the city and Mr. Craig, they offer Mrs. Francisco a three-month severance package, but only if she signs a waiver not to file any sort of legal action against the city.

Of course, this is not too surprising. Largo also fired an employee who needed to care for his mother during a storm and took away a disability pension from a former firefighter, so firing an apparently very good, long-term employee fits the deplorable manner in which the city of Largo manages its employees.

Patrick Kroeger, Palm Harbor

Re: Stanton's former secretary is fired - July 24, story

Manner of firing was uncivilized

I am sufficiently outraged and feel compelled to write to you with regard to this article.

The fact that Brenda Francisco spent 33 years with the city of Largo should speak for itself. I would suspect that not only did she repeatedly demonstrate her loyalty to the city, but to any supervisor for whom she worked.

After 33 years, she is escorted from the building as if she had done something wrong. With 33 years of service, Ms. Francisco deserved better treatment. After 33 years, Ms. Francisco is left with the stigma of being fired by the city and the uncivilized manner in which this personnel issue was handled.

At a time of fiscal restraint, it seems that it would have been more prudent to work with the staff already there. The statement that new Largo City Manager Norton "Mac" Craig wanted to have his own secretary in the job is reminiscent of a small boy throwing a temper tantrum without regard to the consequences of his actions.

Since the die has been cast, and Ms. Francisco is no longer an employee of the city, I think it would probably be in the city's best interest to withdraw its severance package and grant Ms. Francisco any full retirement benefit that would have been available to her.

I have been a bystander watching the antics of the city of Largo and can only be grateful that I am not a resident of that city.

Patrice Houck Schadt, Tarpon Springs

Paper's changes unnecessary

The St. Petersburg Times has been rated one of the top papers in the nation. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The obituaries have been totally ruined. Why no Clearwater Times on Mondays? Why change the TV Times when people are used to reading it as it was?

As I said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

James and Connie Hazell, Clearwater

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